Our StoryAn innovative company with over 10 years of history

Today, vLex is a successful company with offices around the world. Get to know us.

How it all began

vLex began in 1998, stemming from the personal frustration of Lluís Faus, law graduate, who faced the with the difficulty of accessing up-to-date, quality legal information. Together with his brother Ángel Faus, a mathematician, they founded vLex with the goal of providing access to the largest collection of legal information in a simple and intuitive way.

At first, vLex offered free legal information from Spain and Latin America and the company supported itself through advertisements in its website. Then, as premium content was added (books, journals, contracts), subscription-based legal information products were developed. These products were first available for Spain and later for the rest of the world.

vLex today

Our European headquarters are in Barcelona.

We have regional offices for North America and Latin America located in Miami, FL.

The company also has offices in Madrid, São Paulo, Mexico, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Bogota, and Lima.

50% of revenue at vLex is generated in Spain and 50% in the United States and Latin America.

The Latin American business is growing at more than 100% annually.

TimelineAn innovative company with over 10 years of history

  • 1998 vLex founded – ad-supported, free information
  • 2000 Investment by 3i group, plc
  • 2001 Repurchase by the founding team and investment by private investors
  • 2001 First subscription products for Spain incorporating, for the first time in the market, offerings from various publishing houses in a single subscription
  • 2002 Office opens in Buenos Aires
  • 2004 New online subscription platform
  • 2007 New vLex Global platform with content from 10 countries
  • 2008 Expansion of coverage to over 100 countries and 13 languages
  • 2009 Office opens in San Francisco, CA
  • 2009 Opening of the Latin American market
  • 2010 Offices open in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil to market to the institutional segment
  • 2011 Investment by Caixa Capital Risc to accelerate growth in Latin America
  • 2012 Start of marketing to the professional segment in Colombia and Mexico
  • 2012 Office opens in Chile
  • 2012 US office relocates to Miami, FL
  • 2012 Incubation of associated project Lexdir
  • 2012 New Zambezi platform and launch of a new family of practical law know-how products