Global news and legal commentary

vLex’s Global News product offers extensive coverage of both legal and general news from around the world. Updated daily, the Global News product provides vLex customers with access to hundreds of titles, and millions of articles, covering a wide breadth of topics, from international breaking news stories to provincial interests.

The most connected news feed

As a reliable source of news on a local and international scale, the Global News product has enabled vLex to become the only platform to offer links between news, case law, books, and journals, from over 100 countries, all on one integrated platform. This product has been developed through exciting partnerships with some of the world’s leading publishers, including:

  • NewsBank
  • JD Supra
  • LexBlog
  • The National Journal
  • The Atlantic
  • The Christian Science Monitor
  • Quartz
  • Asia-Net Pakistan
  • And many more.


Access millions of news articles from around the world in one location.

The most connected news feed

Seamlessly navigate between up-to-date legal documents and current news.

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Create custom email alerts and be notified when relevant news articles are published on vLex.

Language translation

Automatically translate and compare legal documents in multiple languages.

Global news

Legal commentary from the world’s top law firms

View commentary on local and international issues from top law firms with the vLex news feed. Updated daily, the news stream provides valuable insights and in-depth perspectives on changes to the law.

Legal commentary from the world’s top law firms
Personalised news feed

Stay up to date

Personalised news feed

Only with vLex, benefit from the combinations of artificial intelligence and editorial reviews working together to keep you updated on legal news and developments. Ensure you never miss anything with a newsfeed that is customised to your preferences and updated daily.


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Access an up-to-date and extensive collection of global news, alongside legal commentary from top law firms, through vLex. Containing over 20 million articles from over 300 sources, this collection notably includes articles from 70 of the world’s most prestigious and authoritative sources, including The Atlantic, The Christian Science Monitor, National Journal, Quartz, NewsBank, and many more.

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