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vLex develops powerful tools to keep you up to date with the law and the most recent developments in your practice area.

About vLex

Current awareness solutions

  • Follow documents and dockets for updates

    vLex allows you to follow select documents prone to important updates to ensure you stay informed about the most recent developments.

  • Build your news stream

    Tailor your vLex news stream with SmartTopics, regional updates, and followed documents to bring updates to the forefront of your research.

  • Receive updates on the go

    The vLex mobile app allows you to access updates and view documents on the go to ensure you stay informed while outside of the office. The vLex mobile app is only available in select regions.

  • Monitor media updates and newspapers

    Maintain awareness of a case’s media presence and legal developments with a curated collections of media content from around the world.

  • Videos and commentary from top law firms

    Read legal commentary from the world’s top law firms, and watch webinars with industry-leading professionals on vLex TV, available in select regions.

Customised for you

Only receive the alerts you need

With vLex, there is no need to wait for weekly updates or published reports; create custom alerts on the topics, cases, collections, and keywords relevant to your work and clients today.

Only receive the alerts you need
View the updates at a glance

vLex newsfeed

View the updates at a glance

Your vLex dashboard has a built-in news stream to enable you to quickly see essential updates for your region and practice area. Customise with SmartTopics for more specific updates.

vLex TV

Be the first to know

Join and listen to updates and legal commentary from industry professionals, become part of the discussion, and hear about developments as they happen.

Be the first to know

Features to keep you up to date

  • Check your documents are up to date

    Ensure you have the most up-to-date citations within your documents and arguments with vLex for Word.

    Learn more about vLex for Word

  • Stay up to date with in-house developments

    vLex Cloud lets you connect your internal knowledge and enrich documents with vLex technology.

    Learn more about vLex Cloud

  • Bring legal documents to the top of your search

    Improve your productivity and bring legal information to the top of your search results with the vLex Chrome extension, helping you to find the documents you need quickly.

    Learn more about the vLex Chrome Extension

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