Subchapter XI. Special Funds

Part C. Department of Corrections Reimbursement Fund

Part G. Fee Collection Incentive Fund

Part H. Greater Southeast Community Hospital Capital Equipment Fund

Part I. Fems Special Events Fee Fund

Part J. Solid Waste Disposal Cost Recovery Special Account

Part K. Anti-Graffiti Mural Assistance Program Fund

Part L. Business Improvement District Litter Cleanup Assistance Fund

Part N. Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety and Enhancement Fund

Part O. Veterans Appreciation Scholarship Fund

Part S. West End Library and Fire Station Maintenance Fund

Part U. Council Technology Projects Fund

Part V. Neighborhood Parade and Festival Fund

Part X. Bank Fees Special Fund

Part Y. Bank Fees Special Fund

Part Z. Schools Technology Fund

Part Aa. End Homelessness Fund

Part Bb. Surplus Personal Property Sales Fund

Part CC. Department of Behavioral Health Enterprise Fund

Part Ee. Destination DC Marketing Fund

Part Ff. Department of Behavioral Health Enterprise Fund

Part Hh. Pepco Cost-Sharing Fund For DC Plug

Part II. Bid Parking Abatement Fund

Part Jj. Housing Preservation Fund

Part Kk. St. Elizabeths East Campus Redevelopment Fund

Part Kk-I. New Hospital At St. Elizabeths Startup Reserve Fund

Part Ll. Ward 7 and Ward 8 Entrepreneur Grant Fund

Part Mm. Product Stewardship Fund

Part Nn. Subrogation Fund

Part Oo. Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Dedicated Financing Fund.

Part Pp. Audit Engagement Fund

Part Qq. Snap Reinvestment Fund.

Part Rr. Early Childhood Educator Pay Equity Fund

Part Ss. Opioid Abatement Fund

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