2022 Regular Session (Oklahoma Session Laws)

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  • O.S.L. 127, SB 1242 – Oklahoma Captive Insurance Company Act

    An Act relating to Oklahoma Captive Insurance Company Act; amending 36 O.S. 2021, Sections 6470.2, 6470.3, 6470.10, and 6470.15, which relate to definitions, limitations and requirements, company organizations, and investments and loans; modifying definitions; prohibiting series captive insurance company from providing certain insurance; allowing series captive insurance company to

  • O.S.L. 325, SB 856 – State Travel Reimbursement Act exemptions

    An Act relating to the State Travel Reimbursement Act; amending 74 O.S. 2021, Section 500.18, as last amended by Section 9 of Enrolled House Bill No. 4188 of the 2nd Session of the 58th Oklahoma Legislature, which relates to exemptions; and adding the Oklahoma Military Department

  • O.S.L. 312, SB 1413 – Mental health parity

    An Act relating to mental health parity; amending 36 O.S. 2021, Section 6060.11, which relates to mental health coverage provisions; modifying contents to be reported in analyses; updating statutory references to comply with federal law; requiring analysis findings include certain provisions; requiring Insurance Commissioner issue guidance and standardized reporting materials;...

  • O.S.L. 301, SB 338 – Oklahoma Highway Patrol

    An Act relating to motor vehicles; amending 47 O.S. 2021, Section 2-105, which relates to Highway Patrol personnel; modifying various requirements for appointment to positions in the Oklahoma Highway Patrol; modifying restrictions for certain employees regarding the holding of public office and participating in campaigns; modifying grounds for removal of commissioned officers;...

  • O.S.L. 288, HB 2649 – Durable medical equipment

    An Act relating to durable medical equipment; creating the Oklahoma Durable Medical Equipment Licensing Act; defining terms; requiring a license; stipulating duration of license; authorizing certain inspections; requiring promulgation of rules; construing provision; stating licensing qualifications; requiring license for each individual location; allowing licensing of out-of-state...

  • O.S.L. 275, SB 1466 – Commemorative flags

    An Act relating to the 9/11 Remembrance "Freedom Flag"; authorizing certain flag to be flown commemorating the September 11, 2001, terror attacks on the United States; amending 21 O.S. 2021, Section 375, which relates to flag placement prohibitions; authorizing placement of certain commemorative flag; providing for codification; and declaring an emergency

  • O.S.L. 262, HB 3319 – Health care provider licensing

    An Act relating to health care provider licensing; defining terms; providing for issuance of temporary critical need license under certain conditions; specifying application procedure and criteria; providing for expiration of temporary critical need license; providing certain construction; providing for ratification of temporary critical need license; authorizing imposition of fee...

  • O.S.L. 247, SB 626 – Mental health of students

    An Act relating to students; allowing the parent or legal guardian of a student to disclose to a school whether the student has received certain mental health services from certain facility within certain time period; defining term; requiring designated school personnel to hold certain meeting within certain time period after disclosure to determine whether accommodations are...

  • O.S.L. 232, HB 2487 – Public retirement systems

    An Act relating to public retirement systems; amending 62 O.S. 2021, Section 3103, which relates to the Oklahoma Pension Legislation Actuarial Analysis Act; modifying definitions; amending 11 O.S. 2021, Sections 49-100.1, 49-101, 49-101.2, 49-106.1, 49-108, 49-117.1 and 49-135, which relate to the Oklahoma Firefighters Pension and Retirement System; modifying definition; modifying...

  • O.S.L. 217, HB 3359 – Professions and occupations

    An Act relating to professions and occupations; amending 59 O.S. 2021, Sections 396.3 and 396.8, which relate to the Funeral Services Licensing Act; modifying qualifications and examination requirements; and declaring an emergency

  • O.S.L. 201, SB 957 – Justices and Judges

    An Act relating to the Judiciary; amending 20 O.S. 2011, Section 1402, which relates to disqualification of appellate judges; and modifying procedures for assignment of Justices or Judges in substitution of recused or disqualified Justices or Judges

  • O.S.L. 185, SB 1325 – Oklahoma Water Quality Standards

    An Act relating to water and water rights; amending 2 O.S. 2021, Sections 10-9.8a and 20-21, which relate to the Oklahoma Registered Poultry Feeding Operations Act and Oklahoma Swine Feeding Operations Act; amending 27A O.S. 2021, Sections 1-1-202, 1-3-101, and 2-6-103, which relate to powers of state environmental agencies and powers and duties of Department of Environmental...

  • O.S.L. 156, SB 1345 – Labor

    An Act relating to labor; amending 40 O.S. 2021, Section 165.1, which relates to definition; providing definitions; amending 40 O.S. 2021, Section 165.2, which relates to payment of wages; providing provision for employer to use certain wage payment option under certain condition; making language gender neutral; and providing an effective date

  • O.S.L. 142, HB 3040 – Medicare

    An Act relating to Medicare; amending 36 O.S. 2021, Section 3611.1, which relates to Medicare supplement policies; modifying provisions related to notice of premium rate increase; restricting frequency of implementation; eliminating exemption from filing requirements; and providing an effective date

  • O.S.L. 114, HB 3905 – Revenue and taxation

    An Act relating to revenue and taxation; amending 68 O.S. 2021, Sections 227, 253, 1364.1, 1364.3, 2385.26 and 2385.30, which relate to state revenue administration; modifying statutory reference; modifying provisions related to assessment of taxes and persons responsible for payment; providing for personal liability with respect to medical marijuana gross receipts tax; modifying...

  • O.S.L. 99, SB 1286 – Child care

    An Act relating to child care; amending 10 O.S. 2021, Section 403, which relates to exemptions from the Oklahoma Child Care Facilities Licensing Act; broadening certain exemption; and declaring an emergency

  • O.S.L. 83, SB 1814 – Veterans

    An Act relating to veterans affairs; amending 26 O.S. 2021, Sections 4-120.3, 14-101.1, 14-115, and 14115.5, which relate to deceased persons voting registration, absentee ballot harvesting, voters confined to veterans centers, and composition of absentee voting boards; amending 43A O.S. 2021, Section 6-102, which relates to transfer of patient to federal agencies for care and...

  • O.S.L. 67, SB 1086 – Insurance Department Pharmacy Benefits Revolving Fund

    An Act relating to the Insurance Department; amending Section 1 of Enrolled Senate Bill No. 1085 of the 2nd Session of the 58th Oklahoma Legislature; striking certain authorized transfer; and declaring an emergency

  • O.S.L. 51, HB 3045 – Counties

    An Act relating to counties; amending 19 O.S. 2021, Section 421.2, which relates to the sale, trade, and disposition of county equipment; clarifying the applicability of a prohibition on when the board of county commissioners can deem property as surplus; and providing an effective date

  • O.S.L. 35, HB 3469 – Public health and safety

    An Act relating to public health and safety; amending 63 O.S. 2021, Section 944, which relates to autopsies; providing for parent of a deceased child to view and hold the body before medical examiner assumes control over the body; providing exceptions; providing conditions for viewing or holding the deceased child; requiring consent of medical examiner in certain circumstances; and

  • O.S.L. 19, HB 3640 – Wildlife

    An Act relating to wildlife; amending 29 O.S. 2021, Section 7-304, which relates to wildlife refuges and wildlife management areas; increasing fine for violation; providing for suspension of privileges for subsequent violations; providing an effective date; and declaring an emergency

  • O.S.L. 3, HB 4462 – Oklahoma Department of Mines

    An Act relating to the Oklahoma Department of Mines; making an appropriation; providing an amount; providing purpose; and declaring an emergency

  • O.S.L. 381, SB 1043 – State Department of Health

    An Act relating to the State Department of Health; requiring that portions of certain appropriated funds be used for certain purposes; stating purpose of certain disbursement; requiring the use of certain data; directing the Department to develop method of disbursement; authorizing promulgation of rules; providing for lapse of funds under certain conditions; requiring certain ...

  • O.S.L. 365, HB 4465 – Education

    An Act relating to education; specifying apportionment of certain appropriated funds; providing for the budgeting of funds in certain categories and amounts; requiring development of certain performance measures; requiring transfers of certain funds; limiting authority to reduce certain apportionments; requiring certain funds to be expended for certain purposes; stating purposes...

  • O.S.L. 349, HB 3901 – Revenue and taxation

    An Act relating to revenue and taxation; amending 68 O.S. 2021, Section 3024, which relates to the Court of Tax Review; modifying procedure of court; expanding jurisdiction of court; amending 68 O.S. 2021, Sections 2880.1, 2877 and 2945, which relate to ad valorem tax protests; replacing district court with Court of Tax Review; and providing an effective date

  • O.S.L. 333, HB 2233 – Counties and county officers

    An Act relating to counties and county officers; amending 19 O.S. 2021, Section 339, which relates to powers of county commissioners; expanding powers of the county commissioners; construing language; and declaring an emergency

  • O.S.L. 405, HB 1123 – Broadband

    An Act relating to broadband; making appropriations to the Oklahoma Broadband Governing Board; describing and limiting the use of said funds; identifying source and amounts of appropriated funds; and referencing actions of the Joint Committee on Pandemic Relief Funding

  • O.S.L. 126, SB 1241 – Insurance

    An Act relating to insurance; amending 36 O.S. 2021, Sections 1683, 1684, 1685, and 1686, which relate to the Insurance Business Transfer Act; modifying and providing definitions; conforming language; requiring certain notice be provided by transferring insurer; modifying means of transmission of notice; modifying terms for plan approval and petition process; modifying inclusions...

  • O.S.L. 324, SB 757 – Alcoholic beverages

    An Act relating to alcoholic beverages; amending 37A O.S. 2021, Section 5-135, which relates to monthly tax reports; removing allowable percentages for amounts collected to be in compliance for the purposes of an audit; updating statutory language; and providing an effective date

  • O.S.L. 311, SB 1374 – State Fire Marshal

    An Act relating to the State Fire Marshal; amending 74 O.S. 2021, Section 317, which relates to the examination of certain buildings and premises; expanding and clarifying jurisdiction; updating agency name; amending 74 O.S. 2021, Section 324.11, which relates to building permits; removing and replacing certain building classifications; providing for inapplicability of requirements

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