1994 Regular Session (California Session Laws)

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  • Chapter 290, AB 2965 – Crimes: looting

    Under existing law, any person convicted of the crime of looting who is eligible for and is granted probation is required to serve a mandatory county jail sentence, except that the court may reduce or eliminate that mandatory jail sentence, as provided. This bill would permit the court, in its discretion, to require any person who is granted probation following conviction under that provision to...

  • Chapter 150, AB 2384 – Government operations.

    (1) Under existing law, the Director of the Department of Consumer Affairs has various powers and duties, as specified. This bill would confer, notwithstanding other provisions of law, specific powers on the director relative to budgeting, including the ability to classify, establish, and revise departmental specific established classifications, as specified, and execute contracts, procure goods...

  • Chapter 19, SB 190 – Bonds: school facilities funding

    (1) The Leroy F. Greene State School Building Lease-Purchase Law of 1976 (Greene Act) provides for the acquisition and construction of facilities by the state and the lease-purchase of those facilities by school districts. This bill would enact the Safe Schools Act of 1994, which upon approval by the state electorate at the June 7, 1994, direct primary election, would provide for the issuance of...

  • Chapter 415, SB 1715 – Family law: support

    (1) Existing law prescribes procedures for the modification or termination of a child, family, or spousal support order, under which a support order may be modified or terminated at any time the court determines to be necessary. Existing law also prescribes a simplified procedure for the modification of a child or spousal support order under which the parties may not appear with an attorney. This

  • Chapter 97, SB 273 – Natural disaster assistance

    The existing Natural Disaster Assistance Act requires the Director of Emergency Services to administer a program that provides financial assistance to local agencies for the repair, restoration, or replacement of real property of the agency that is damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster. The state share for any eligible project is limited to no more than 75% of total state eligible costs....

  • Chapter 952, AB 1965 – County general assistance programs

    Existing law requires each county to relieve and support all incompetent, poor, indigent persons, and those incapacitated by age, disease, or accident lawfully resident therein, when these persons are not supported and relieved by their relatives and friends, by their own means, or by state hospitals or other state or private institutions. These programs are commonly referred to as county general

  • Chapter 112, AB 2333 – Public utilities: disclosure

    Existing law requires specified reports to be made by public utilities. This bill would require telephone, gas, and electric utilities to provide district attorney inspectors and investigators with limited customer information, as specified, under specified conditions with respect to investigations relating to missing or abducted children. The bill would require inspectors and investigators...

  • Chapter 74, AB 842 – San Diego Area Wastewater Management District

    (1) The San Diego Area Wastewater Management District Act creates the San Diego Area Wastewater Management District. The act requires the district to be governed by a 17-member board that includes a member that is appointed by the San Diego County Water Authority. This bill would refer to the authority as a "special status member agency," provide that the board member appointed by the authority...

  • Chapter 319, SB 1467 – Education

    Existing law states the Legislature's intent to implement the Early Intervention for School Success Program in 200 public schoolsites between July 1, 1991, and July 1, 1994, to increase the school success of pupils who lack developmental prerequisites that are necessary to succeed in school. Existing law requires the program to use a child study team approach and refers to pupil developmental...

  • Chapter 100, ACR 110 – Peace Corps' World Wise Schools Program

    This measure would state that the Legislature endorses the goals of, and supports the concept and philosophy of, the Peace Corps' World Wise Schools program. The measure would urge the State Department of Education and other educational entities to expand the scope of that program in this state, as specified.

  • Chapter 13, SCR 40 – Autism Treatment Awareness Week

    This measure would proclaim the week of April 24 through April 30, 1994, as Autism Treatment Awareness Week, and acknowledge the contributions made in the area of autism by experts in the field and the families involved.

  • Chapter 11, AB X1-8 – Arson: registration of offenders

    Existing law authorizes, upon the conviction of the offense of arson or attempted arson, or upon the discharge or parole of any person from the Department of the Youth Authority for those offenses, the court to impose, in addition to any other penalty prescribed by law, a requirement that the person register with the chief of police of the city in which he or she resides, or with the sheriff of...

  • Chapter 1033, AB 1996 – Medi-Cal: disproportionate share providers

    Existing law provides for the Medi-Cal program pursuant to which medical benefits are provided to public assistance recipients and certain other low-income persons. The Medi-Cal program is funded by federal, state, and local funds, and administered by the State Department of Health Services. Federal financial participation, through the federal medicaid program, is contingent upon approval of the...

  • Chapter 15, AJR 19 – Banking

    This measure would resolve that the Legislature urge the United States Congress to repeal those laws found to be unduly restrictive, burdensome, and unnecessary to protect the safety and soundness of the banking system and to direct the federal agencies responsible for banking regulations to modify and rescind those regulations that may inhibit lending to small businesses, women, communities of...

  • Chapter 1221, SB 1758 – Vehicles

    (1) Existing law requires every form prescribed by the Department of Motor Vehicles for use by an applicant for the issuance, renewal, or transfer of the registration of, or certificate of title to, a motor vehicle to contain a section for the applicant's social security number. Any person who submits one of the specified forms to the department is required to furnish his or her social security...

  • Chapter 20, AB X1-109 – Sexual assault: HIV tests: search warrant

    Existing law authorizes a crime victim, in accordance with certain procedures and requirements, to petition a court to issue a search warrant for the purpose of testing the blood of the person charged with that crime for the presence of the AIDS virus. This bill would include within this authorization those persons who have filed a police report alleging the commission of a separate, uncharged...

  • Chapter 143, AB 2382 – Hazardous Substance Cleanup Arbitration Panel: environmental assessors

    (1) Existing law, the Carpenter-Presley-Tanner Hazardous Substance Account Act, establishes the Hazardous Substance Cleanup Arbitration Panel in the Office of the Secretary for Environmental Protection. This bill would transfer the panel to the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment. (2) Existing law, the Environmental Quality Assessment Act of 1986, requires, among other things, the...

  • Chapter 17, AB 2290 – Taxation: disaster relief

    Existing law authorizes a county board of supervisors to provide by ordinance for the reassessment of property that is damaged or destroyed, without fault on the part of the assessee, by a major misfortune or calamity, upon the application of the assessee or upon the action of the county assessor with the board's approval. With respect to certain counties that have adopted reassessment ordinances

  • Chapter 391, AB 2611 – State real property

    Existing law requires the Department of General Services to perform various functions and duties with respect to state property. This bill would authorize the Director of General Services to sell, exchange, lease, or transfer specified parcels of state property. The bill would exempt the sale, exchange, lease, or transfer of these parcels from specified provisions of the California Environmental...

  • Chapter 15, SB X1-23 – Juveniles

    Existing law provides that no person convicted of specified offenses committed when that person had attained the age of 18 years may be committed to the Youth Authority, as specified. Existing law also authorizes the transfer of persons under the age of 21 years from the Department of Corrections to the Youth Authority for housing and other specified purposes. This bill would, contingent upon the

  • Chapter 871, SB 1278 – Domestic violence: protective orders

    (1) Existing law requires a local law enforcement agency, upon receipt of a domestic violence protective order, to immediately notify the Department of Justice of specified information pertaining to the order. Under this provision, the failure of the petitioner to provide the department with certain information does not invalidate the protective order. This bill would revise these provisions to...

  • Chapter 263, AB 2749 – Air pollution: Mojave Desert district board: chairperson

    (1) Existing law establishes the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District and provides for a district board with specified membership. Existing law requires the district board to elect a chairperson from its membership every 2 years. This bill would require the district board to elect the chairperson every year, thereby imposing a state-mandated local program. The bill would also make...

  • Chapter 914, SB 927 – Hazardous waste: reusable soiled textile materials: fees

    Existing law exempts reusable soiled textile materials, as defined, from specified facility and generator fees and from specified requirements concerning the transportation of hazardous waste, if the materials are managed in a specified manner, and exempts a facility laundering or cleaning reusable soiled textile materials from the requirements of obtaining a hazardous waste facilities permit and

  • Chapter 32, AJR 26 – Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act of 1993

    This measure would memorialize the President and the Congress of the United States to enact the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act of 1993 to guarantee American women their fundamental right to reproductive health care.

  • Chapter 628, AB 987 – Alcoholic beverages

    Existing law provides that alcoholic beverage license fees and taxes be deposited in the Alcohol Beverage Control Fund, with a specified portion of that revenue to be transferred to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and the remainder to be transferred to the General Fund on the order of the Controller. This bill would appropriate the amounts of $900,000 and $2,600,000 from the Alcohol...

  • Chapter 460, SB 1303 – Validations

    This bill would enact the Third Validating Act of 1994, which would validate the organization, boundaries, acts, proceedings, and bonds of the state and counties, cities, and specified districts, agencies, and entities.

  • Chapter 193, AB 3832 – State Teachers' Retirement System: definitions

    The existing State Teachers' Retirement Law includes within the definition of "compensation earnable" a definition of "fulltime." This bill would transfer the definition of "fulltime" to a new separate provision.

  • Chapter 92, SJR 38 – Railroad Retirement System

    The measure memorializes the President and the Congress of the United States to recognize and affirm a continued commitment to the Railroad Retirement System.

  • Chapter 823, SB 1523 – Child support: Los Angeles County

    Existing law requires the State Department of Social Services to pay 100% of the nonfederal share of costs for developing the Statewide Automated Child Support System, prior to October 1, 1995, to the extent enhanced federal funding is approved, including county staff costs related to the development and implementation of the Statewide Automated Child Support System. Existing law also requires...

  • Chapter 766, SB 1462 – Corrections: office of the Inspector General

    Existing law establishes the Youth and Adult Correctional Agency which consists of the Department of Corrections, the Department of the Youth Authority, the Board of Prison Terms, the Youthful Offender Parole Board, the Board of Corrections, and the Narcotic Addict Evaluation Authority. This bill would create the office of the Inspector General. The bill would require the Governor to appoint the...

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