2001 Regular Session (California Session Laws)

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  • Chapter 765, SB 828 – Environmental justice.

    Existing law requires the Secretary for Environmental Protection, on or before January 15, 2002, to convene a Working Group on Environmental Justice, composed of various representatives, as specified, to assist the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal-EPA) in developing an interagency environmental justice strategy. Existing law defines "environmental justice" to mean the fair...

  • Chapter 880, AB 913 – Attorneys: pro bono services.

    Existing law provides for a program regulated by the State Bar that provides civil legal services to indigent persons. This bill would require a contract with the state for legal services that exceeds $50,000 to certify that the contracting law firm agrees to make a good faith effort to provide a specified minimum number of hours of pro bono legal services, as defined, during each year of the...

  • Chapter 90, SB 425 – Contra Costa County: domestic violence.

    Existing law provides for county domestic violence program special funds for the purpose of funding local domestic violence programs. Certain fees payable at the time a marriage license is issued may be collected by the county clerks for deposit into these funds. Existing law requires the collection of fees for certified copies of fetal death or death records and marriage or birth certificates....

  • Chapter 58, SB 400 – Securities.

    Existing law, the Corporate Securities Law of 1968, provides that it is unlawful for a person to offer or sell in this state any security in an issuer transaction unless the sale has been qualified or the security or transaction is exempted or not subject to qualification. This bill would provide, with respect to certain offers and sales of securities issued by a corporation or limited liability...

  • Chapter 894, AB 59 – Health programs: eligibility.

    Existing law provides for the federal medicaid program, administered by each state, California's version of which is the Medi-Cal program. The Medi-Cal program, which is administered by the State Department of Health Services, provides qualified low-income persons with health care services. The bill would provide that any child enrolled in specified programs shall be deemed to have met the income

  • Chapter 890, SB 257 – Schools: hate crimes.

    (1) Existing law requires the School/Law Enforcement Partnership to establish interagency safe school programs to address the problems of school safety, truancy, excessive absenteeism, and school crime including vandalism, drug and alcohol abuse, gang membership, and gang violence. This bill would specify that for partnership purposes, school crime includes hate crimes. (2) Existing law makes...

  • Chapter 515, AB 211 – California Military Museum: World War II Oral History Program.

    Under existing law, the California Military Museum is operated in the Old Sacramento State Historical Park. This bill would appropriate $125,000 from the General Fund to the California Arts Council for allocation to the California Military Museum for the continued operation of the World War II Oral History Program and coordination of this program with the California Center for Military History of

  • Chapter 58, ACR 25 – Sonny Bono Memorial Freeway.

    This measure would designate the Coachella Valley portion of Interstate 10 from a point just west of the State Highway 111 cutoff in the Palm Springs area to a point at the bottom of the grade east of the City of Coachella as the Sonny Bono Memorial Freeway in honor and recognition of Sonny Bono. The measure also would request the Department of Transportation to determine the cost for appropriate

  • Chapter 45, ACR 67 – Small Business Week.

    This measure would request the Governor to proclaim the week of May 6, 2001, through May 12, 2001, as California Small Business Week, in conjunction with National Small Business Week.

  • Chapter 306, AB 446 – Professions and vocations.

    (1) Existing law provides for the licensure of persons in various professions and vocations and requires payment of a renewal fee upon the renewal of an expired license. Under existing law, these renewal fees are deposited into funds that are continuously appropriated. This bill would require, instead, that all accrued and unpaid renewal fees be paid at the time of renewal of an expired license...

  • Chapter 135, AB 96 – School districts.

    (1) Existing law authorizes the governing board of a school district that determines during a fiscal year that its revenues are less than the amount necessary to meet its current year expenditure obligations to request an emergency apportionment through the Superintendent of Public Instruction subject to requirements and repayment provisions. This bill would appropriate $2,300,000 to the...

  • Chapter 268, AB 1499 – Teachers: Teaching As A Priority Block Grant.

    Existing law establishes the Teaching As A Priority Block Grant to be administered by the State Department of Education with the approval of the State Board of Education for the purpose of awarding block grants to school districts on a competitive basis to provide incentives to attract credentialed teachers to be employed and retained in low-performing schools. Block grant funds may be used at...

  • Chapter 37, AB 213 – Mental health: records: licensed marriage and family therapists.

    Existing law prohibits the disclosure of all information and records obtained in the course of providing intake, assessment, and services to persons with developmental disabilities, or in the course of providing certain mental health services to either voluntary or involuntary recipients of services, except in specified circumstances, such as when the patient, with the approval of the physician,...

  • Chapter 113, SJR 8 – Social security.

    This measure would request the federal government to implement the principles regarding the social security system espoused by the Older Women's League in making changes to that system and express the opposition of the Legislature to privatizing the social security system.

  • Chapter 74, AB 260 – State departments: investigations and hearings.

    (1) Existing law requires the Attorney General to distribute monetary relief recovered in civil actions to prohibit acts in restraint of trade and competition pursuant to the discretion of the superior court having jurisdiction over the action, as specified. This bill would, in addition, authorize the superior court to use cy pres or fluid recovery mechanisms as a way of providing value to...

  • Chapter 787, AB 1082 – Public employees' retirement: local safety members.

    Under the Public Employees' Retirement Law, employees of contracting agencies classified as local safety members are entitled to generally higher benefits, and subject to higher contribution rates, than those employees classified as local miscellaneous members. County peace officers, as defined, are included within the local safety member classification. Existing law authorizes Monterey and Santa

  • Chapter 536, SB 505 – Special education.

    Existing law, the federal Individuals with Disabilities Act, requires the provision of education and related services to individuals with exceptional needs. This bill would require the State Department of Education and the California State University to enter into an interagency agreement to have the Center for the Study of Correctional Education, located on the California State University, San...

  • Chapter 164, AB 816 – Income Tax: personal income tax: conformity with federal law: exclusion of gains from sale of a personal residence.

    The Personal Income Tax Law requires the calculation of an individual's gross income to be computed without regard to the exclusion, provided by a specified provision of the Internal Revenue Code, of the gain from the sale or exchange of a taxpayer's personal residence. This bill would conform to federal tax practice by allowing California taxpayers to exclude gains from the sale or exchange of a

  • Chapter 925, SB 7 – Voting.

    Existing law requires that a printed absent voter application form inform the voter, among other things, that if the voter is unaffiliated with a political party, the voter may request an absentee ballot for a particular political party if that party has adopted a party rule, duly noted to the Secretary of State, authorizing that vote. It requires the application to contain a telephone number...

  • Chapter 673, SB 1122 – Real estate: disclosures of transfer.

    Existing law requires certain disclosures to be made upon the transfer of real estate and prescribes the manner and form of the disclosures. In the case of the transfer of real property subject to a continuing lien securing the levy of special taxes pursuant to the Mello-Roos Community Facilities Act, the seller is required to make a good faith effort to notify the prospective purchaser of the...

  • Chapter 537, SB 516 – Local coastal programs.

    (1) The California Coastal Act of 1976 requires that, after a local coastal program is certified and all implementing actions within the area affected become effective, the California Coastal Commission ceases to exercise any development review authority over any new development proposed within the area affected and delegates that authority to the local government that is implementing the local...

  • Chapter 242, AB 68 – Health care providers: private duty nursing agencies.

    Existing law contains provisions governing the licensure of home health agencies, defined to include certain entities within the state that provide, or arrange for the provision of, skilled nursing services to persons in their temporary or permanent place of residence. Existing law provides for the administration of these provisions by the State Department of Health Services. A violation of these

  • Chapter 345, SB 912 – Employment of minors: agricultural packing plants.

    Existing law prescribes limits on the hours of employment of minors, but authorizes the Labor Commissioner to grant an exemption to employers operating agricultural packing plants for employment of minors 16 and 17 years of age for up to 10 hours per nonschool day during peak harvest season. Under existing law, which will be repealed on January 1, 2002, that exemption may additionally authorize...

  • Chapter 89, SB 58 – California Ocean Resources Enhancement and Hatchery Program.

    (1) Existing law, until January 1, 2003, establishes the California Ocean Resources Enhancement and Hatchery Program for the purpose of basic and applied research on the artificial propagation, rearing, stocking, and distribution of adversely affected marine fish species that are important to sport or commercial fishing in the ocean waters off the coast of California south of a line extending due

  • Chapter 54, SB 190 – Highways: outdoor advertising.

    The Outdoor Advertising Act regulates the placement of advertising displays adjacent to and within specified distances of highways that are part of the national system of interstate and defense highways and federal aid highways. The act, except as specified, prohibits any advertising display from being placed or maintained on property adjacent to a section of a freeway that has been landscaped if

  • Chapter 842, AB 313 – Women, infants, and children's nutrition.

    Existing law, the California Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children, under the administration of the State Department of Health Services, provides for the issuance of nutrition coupons, as defined, to certain recipients with nutritional need, as determined by a physician or health professional. This bill would, commencing July 1, 2002, provide, until January 1, 2005,...

  • Chapter 247, AB 656 – Health facilities: seismic safety requirements.

    Under the Alfred E. Alquist Hospital Facilities Seismic Safety Act of 1983, after January 1, 2008, general acute care hospital buildings that are determined to pose certain risks are required to be improved or only used for nonacute care hospital service, and after January 1, 2030, all acute care inpatient hospital buildings that are not in substantial compliance with certain seismic safety...

  • Chapter 333, AB 437 – Rural Transit System Grant Program.

    Existing law provides for funding of public transit under various programs, including the Mills-Alquist-Deddeh Act, also known as the Transportation Development Act. This bill, until July 1, 2002, would require the Department of Transportation and the California Transportation Commission to establish a Rural Transit System Grant Program to purchase, construct, and rehabilitate transit facilities,

  • Chapter 755, SB 943 – Child support.

    Existing law requires, in a case where a parent is enrolled in health insurance coverage but fails to apply to obtain coverage of a child as required by a court or administrative order, that the employer or insurer enroll the child under the health coverage upon presentation of the court order or request by the district attorney, the other parent or person having custody of the child, or the Medi-

  • Chapter 13, SCR 4 – Sister state relationship: Gujarat State, India.

    This measure would, on behalf of the people of California, extend an invitation to the people of Gujarat State, India, to join with California in a sister state relationship in order to encourage and facilitate mutually beneficial social, economic, educational, and cultural exchanges that would lead to an indelible and lasting relationship between the residents of California and Gujarat State,...

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