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  • Chapter 90, ACR 233 – Yellow Ribbon Day.

    This measure would proclaim May 22, 2004, as Yellow Ribbon Day, a special day for Californians to extend their sincerest appreciation for the sacrifices military families and our troops are making and to commemorate our troops and their families with ceremonial activities.

  • Chapter 82, AB 2491 – Cigarettes and tobacco products: Cigarette and Tobacco Products Licensing Act.

    (1) The Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax Law requires distributors and wholesalers of cigarette and tobacco products to be licensed by the State Board of Equalization. The California Cigarette and Tobacco Products Licensing Act of 2003 provides for the licensure by the State Board of Equalization of manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, importers, and retailers of cigarette or tobacco...

  • Chapter 64, SCR 75 – Love Your Neighborhood Week.

    This measure would proclaim the week of May 9 to May 15, 2004, as Love Your Neighborhood Week in recognition of the importance of a clean neighborhood environment.

  • Chapter 862, SB 1838 – Alcohol and drug prevention and treatment programs.

    (1) Existing law provides for drug and alcohol prevention and treatment programs, administered by the State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. These provisions are organized into separate categories for programs related to the inappropriate use of alcoholic beverages and those related to the use and abuse of drugs. These provisions authorize the department to provide funds, to counties that

  • Chapter 866, AB 32 – Housing: farmworker housing.

    The Joe Serna, Jr. Farmworker Housing Grant Program requires the Department of Housing and Community Development to make grants or loans, or both, to local public entities, nonprofit corporations, and limited partnerships for the construction or rehabilitation of housing for agricultural employees and their families. The department has specified duties relating to the operation of this program....

  • Chapter 614, SB 1214 – Salton Sea Restoration: restoration study.

    (1) Existing law enacts the Salton Sea Restoration Act. Existing law requires the Secretary of the Resources Agency, in consultation with the Department of Fish and Game, the Department of Water Resources, the Salton Sea Authority, appropriate air quality districts, and the Salton Sea Advisory Committee, to undertake a restoration study to determine a preferred alternative for the restoration of...

  • Chapter 447, AB 2056 – Dentistry.

    Existing law, the Dental Practice Act, regulates the practice of dentistry by the Dental Board of California in the Department of Consumer Affairs. Under the act, a licensee may be disciplined by the board, including having his or her license revoked or suspended, or being reprimanded or placed on probation by the board for specified reasons. This bill would require the board to initiate a...

  • Chapter 402, SB 1689 – Settlements: Armenian genocide.

    (1) Existing law establishes programs for education grants, priorities, and program enrollments, and state disability insurance benefits. This bill would exclude settlement payments, as defined, received by an eligible individual, defined as a person persecuted by the regime that was in control of the Ottoman Turkish Empire from 1915 until 1923, or the individual's heirs or estate, and any...

  • Chapter 333, AB 2835 – Health care professionals: insurance fraud.

    Existing law provides for the licensing and regulation of health care practitioners by various boards and commissions within the Department of Consumer Affairs, and provides that certain acts constitute unprofessional conduct and grounds for disciplinary action. Existing law defines certain acts relative to insurance fraud as crimes. Existing law provides that commission of those acts on the part

  • Chapter 327, AB 2137 – Law enforcement fees.

    Existing law sets the fees that sheriffs shall charge and collect for services performed by them. These fees include fees for keeping and caring for property under a writ of attachment, execution, possession, or sale for serving a writ of possession of real property on an occupant or the occupants or for posting and serving a copy on the judgment debtor. This bill would increase these fees, as...

  • Chapter 261, AB 1073 – Personal income tax: exemption: military death gratuity.

    The Personal Income Tax Law imposes a tax on individual taxpayers measured by the amount of the taxpayer's taxable income for the taxable year, but excludes certain items of income from the computation of tax. The Personal Income Tax Law generally conforms with the provisions of the federal income tax law, except as otherwise specified. Existing federal law excludes from the computation of...

  • Chapter 262, AB 1091 – Reportable diseases.

    Existing law requires the State Department of Health Services to establish a list of reportable diseases, which may include both communicable and noncommunicable diseases. Existing law authorizes the department to change the list at any time. This bill would require the list to include reportable conditions and the urgency of reporting each disease and condition. The bill would require the...

  • Chapter 170, AB 2920 – Nursery stock.

    Existing law requires nursery stock sellers to be licensed by the Department of Food and Agriculture. Existing law, until July 1, 2005, requires the Secretary of Food and Agriculture to establish the minimum license fee in an amount not to exceed $180, and authorizes the secretary to fix the minimum license fee at an amount that is less than $180. On July 1, 2005, existing law requires that the...

  • Chapter 156, SCR 88 – Valley Fever Awareness Month.

    This measure would proclaim August 2004, as Valley Fever Awareness Month.

  • Chapter 299, AB 2018 – Domestic violence: civil damages.

    Existing law generally provides that all property acquired by a married person during the marriage while domiciled in this state is community property. Upon dissolution of marriage or legal separation of the parties to a marriage, the court is directed to divide the community property estate pursuant to specified provisions. This bill would provide, in any proceeding for dissolution of marriage,...

  • Chapter 193, SB 111 – State reporting requirements.

    (1) Existing law requires various state agencies to prepare and submit reports to the Legislature and Governor on various topics throughout the year. This bill would delete various reporting requirements. (2) Existing law establishes, for specified time periods, pilot and demonstration projects regarding specified issues. This bill would repeal these provisions.

  • Chapter 432, AB 2784 – Ventura County Transportation Commission: membership.

    Existing law, the County Transportation Commissions Act, establishes the Ventura County Transportation Commission consisting of 8 members. Under existing law, 2 members are members of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors, 3 members are appointed by the Ventura County City Selection Committee, 2 are citizen members, and one is a nonvoting member appointed by the Governor. Existing law provides...

  • Chapter 826, AB 1470 – In-home supportive services: direct deposit wage payments.

    Existing law provides for the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program, under which, through employment by the recipient, by or through contract by the county, or by the creation of a public authority or pursuant to a contract with a nonprofit consortium, qualified aged, blind, and disabled persons receive services enabling them to remain in their own homes. Under existing law, counties are...

  • Chapter 232, SB 1183 – Horse racing.

    Existing law provides that the California Horse Racing Board may authorize a harness racing association in this state to accept wagers on races conducted by the racing association that conducts the Breeder's Crown Stakes, if the races are conducted on the same day as the Breeder's Crown Stakes and if the association in this state that accepts those wagers is then conducting a live racing meeting.

  • Chapter 224, SB 694 – Public resources.

    (1) Existing law requires the Governor to appoint 9 members to the State Park Commission or the Recreation Commission with terms expiring at various dates, all prior to January 15, 1971. This bill would delete that provision. (2) Existing law requires the Department of Conservation, in consultation with the Seismic Safety Commission, to prepare and submit to the Legislature by July 1, 1988, a...

  • Chapter 78, AB 2049 – Fetal ultrasound.

    Under existing law, the State Department of Health Services is required to maintain a program of maternal and child health, which is administered by the department's Maternal and Child Health Branch. Under existing law, the maternal and child health program includes, among other subjects, pregnancy testing, perinatal health care, and nutrition. This bill would require a person or facility that...

  • Chapter 161, AB 152 – Special education.

    (1) Existing law establishes a right of individuals with exceptional needs to receive free appropriate public education and ensures the right to special instruction and related services needed to meet their unique needs, in conformity with federal law. This bill would make various revisions generally conforming state law to federal requirements relating to: pupil identification, assessment, and...

  • Chapter 30, ACR 196 – Cesar Chavez Day.

    This measure would recognize March 31 as the anniversary of the birth of Cesar Chavez, and would call upon all Californians to participate in appropriate observances to remember Cesar Chavez as a symbol of hope and justice to all persons.

  • Chapter 833, AB 2149 – Group homes: foster care.

    (1) Under existing law, the California Community Care Facilities Act, the State Department of Social Services generally regulates the licensure and operation of community care facilities, including residential group homes for children. Under existing law, a violation of these provisions is a misdemeanor. Existing law requires a community care facility providing residential care for 6 or fewer...

  • Chapter 542, SB 1622 – Oak Street to 9th Avenue District Exchange Act.

    Through a series of grants, the City of Oakland acquired certain tidelands and submerged lands as public trust lands. Existing law authorizes the City of Oakland to use that property in conformance with those grants and the public trust. This bill would enact the Oak Street to 9th Avenue District Exchange Act to authorize and establish conditions for an exchange of certain tidelands and submerged

  • Chapter 947, AB 2580 – Domestic partnerships.

    (1) Existing law provides that a cause of action for the wrongful death of a person may be asserted by his or her domestic partner, as defined. Under certain circumstances, this bill would allow a cause of action for wrongful death to proceed pursuant to the above although a Declaration of Domestic Partnership was not filed with the Secretary of State, if other specified requirements are met. (2)

  • Chapter 838, SB 1906 – Surplus school property: use of proceeds: Santa Clara Unified School District.

    Existing law, the Leroy F. Greene School Facilities Act of 1998 (the Greene Act of 1998), requires the State Allocation Board to allocate to applicant school districts, prescribed per-unhoused-pupil state funding for construction and modernization of school facilities, including hardship funding, and supplemental funding for site development and acquisition. Existing law requires a school...

  • Chapter 697, AB 2252 – The Vacation Ownership and Time-share Act of 2004.

    (1) Existing law defines time-share estates and uses for the purposes of various provisions of law relating to subdivided lands. Existing law also requires certain time-share projects to be registered with the Real Estate Commissioner in the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency and requires that an application for a time-share project permit comply with specified fee and registration...

  • Chapter 154, AJR 86 – Space exploration.

    This measure would request that the Congress and the President of the United States enact and fully fund the proposed budget for space exploration for the federal 2005 fiscal year to enable the United States, and California, in particular, to remain a leader in the exploration and development of space.

  • Chapter 77, ACR 203 – California National Guard: "Adopt an Armory" program.

    This measure would commend the California National Guard Strategic Planning Council for establishing the "Adopt an Armory" program for the restoration of California National Guard armories, and would urge the public to support the program.

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