Mississippi Workers Compensation Decisions 2011. 0911742-K-6841-C. MASHONDA COUNCIL CLAIMANT VS CLAIBORNE COUNTY NURSING CENTER MASHONDA COUNCIL CLAIMANT VS CLAIBORNE COUNTY NURSING CENTER EMPLOYER AND MISSISSIPPI HEALTH CARE ASSOCIATION CARRIERBEFORE THE MISSISSIPPI WORKERS' COMPENSATION COMMISSIONMWCC NO.: 0911742-K-6841-CORDER FOR INDEPENDENT MEDICAL EXAMINATION THIS MATTER is before this Administrative Judge on the Claimant's Motion to Compel Medical Benefits and the Employer and Carrier's Response and Request for Commission IME. After considering said motion and hearing the arguments of counsel, this Administrative Judge finds that the claimant should undergo a comprehensive evaluation of her condition by Dr. Jeff Kennedy of Capital Orthopaedic Clinic in Flowood, Mississippi. This Administrative Judge would ask that Dr. Kennedy examine the claimant thoroughly, evaluate her medical condition, advise this Administrative Judge about the status of the alleged work-related injury to her right foot and ankle sustained on or about November 22, 2009, and about whether she has reached maximum medical improvement for this injury. Further, Dr. Kennedy is asked to provide an opinion about what additional treatment is reasonable and necessary and causally related to her work injury, when claimant can return to work and what, if any, restrictions are related to her work injury. IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED AND ADJUDGED: 1. That the employer and carrier furnish the claimant and pay for a thorough examination and evaluation by Dr. Jeff Kennedy at the earliest day and time available to Dr. Kennedy and the claimant, including any and all diagnostic studies and tests deemed necessary by Dr. Kennedy. 2. That Dr. Kennedy may consider this order proper authorization to consult with other physicians or medical providers, where such consultations are necessary to provide a thorough evaluation of the claimant's condition. 3. That the attorneys are directed to furnish to Dr. Kennedy all medical reports and test results relevant to the examination. 4. That the...

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