N.J.S. § 2B:1-9 - '21st Century Improvement Fund.'

Cite as:N.J.S. § 2B:1-9
Currency:Current through L. 2018, c. 140.

a. There is established in the General Fund a dedicated, non-lapsing fund to be known as the "21st Century Justice Improvement Fund," which shall be credited annually with a sum equal to the revenue to be derived annually from the incremental amount of any filing fees or other statutory fees payable to the court that are revised or supplemented pursuant to section 12 and 13ofP.L 2014, c 31 (C.2B:1-7 and C.2B:1-8) and the related fee revisions as provided by operation of N.J.S.22A:2-5 and section 2 of P.L. 1993, c.74 (C.22A:5-1). The fund shall be administered by the State Treasurer. Interest and other income earned on monies in the fund shall be credited to the fund. Monies credited to the fund shall be appropriated annually and used exclusively for the purposes of funding:

(1) the development, maintenance and administration of a Statewide Pretrial Services Program;

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