Tex. Gov't. Code § 24.471 - 294Th Judicial District (Van Zandt County)

Cite as:Tex. Gov't. Code § 24.471
Currency:Current through 2017 Special Session

(a) The 294th Judicial District is composed of Van Zandt County.

(b) The 294th District Court has concurrent jurisdiction with the county court in Van Zandt County over all matters of civil and criminal jurisdiction, original and appellate, in cases over which the county court has jurisdiction under the constitution and laws of this state. Matters and proceedings in the concurrent jurisdiction of the 294th District Court and the county court may be filed in either court and all cases of concurrent jurisdiction may be transferred between the 294th District Court and the county court. However, a case may not be transferred from one court to another without the consent of the judge of t...

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