Ala. Code § 45-28-234.10 (1975) -

Cite as:Ala. Code § 45-28-234.10 (1975)
Currency:Current through the 2020 Regular Session Acts 1 through 206

Whenever a vacancy exists in any position, it shall be filled by appointment of one of the appropriate eligible registrants, or by transfer within the service from another position of the same class. However, any eligible person of the same class who has been laid off, as provided in Section 45-28-234.10, shall receive preference in hiring. Whenever it is impossible to certify eligible persons to a vacancy, the board may authorize the appointing authority to fill the vacancy temporarily pending the establishment of an eligible registrant. Temporary appointments shall be effective for six months, and may be extended for six additional months by the board, upon request by the appointing authority. All app...

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