La. R.S. § 6:770 - Abandonment of safety deposit box

Cite as:La. R.S. § 6:770
Currency:Current with changes through the 2018 Third Extraordinary Legislative Session

A. A safety deposit box leased from any association shall be deemed abandoned and the association may remove the contents of such safety deposit box, if the rental therefor remains unpaid, all as provided under Subsection B of this Section, or pursuant to the terms of the safety deposit box contract, or as otherwise permitted by law. Only the safety deposit box itself, and not the contents, may be deemed abandoned as provided herein.

B. If the safety deposit box rental is delinquent for six months, the association after sixty days' notice by mail addressed to the lessee at his address as shown on the safety deposit box contract may, if the rent is not paid within the time specified in said notice, open the box in the presence of two employees of the association and a notary public who shall make an inventory of the contents of the box and place such contents in a sealed envelope or other container in the name of the lessee. The association shall then send notice to the administrator of the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act of 1997 for publication as provided by R.S. 9:161 that the safety deposit box has been abandoned and that the bank is holding the listed contents thereof. Such notice shall include the lessee's name and last known address.

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