ORS 151.487 - Ability to pay; effect

Cite as:ORS 151.487
Currency:Current through 2018 Regular Session, Chapter 88

(1) If in determining that a person is financially eligible for appointed counsel under ORS 151.485, the court finds that the person has financial resources that enable the person to pay in full or in part the administrative costs of determining the eligibility of the person and the costs of the legal and other services to be provided at state expense that are related to the provision of appointed counsel, the court shall enter a limited judgment requiring that the person pay to the Public Defense Services Account established by ORS 151.225, through the clerk of the court, the amount that it finds the person is able to pay without creating substantial hardship in providing basic economic necessities to the person or the person's dependent family. The amount that a court may require the person to pay is subject to the guidelines and procedures issued by the Public Defense Services Commission as provided in subsection (4) of this section.

(2) Failure to comply with the requirements of a limited judgment entered under this section is not grounds for contempt or grounds for withdrawal by the appointed attorney.

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