13 Pa.C.S. § 9520 - Acceptance and refusal to accept record

Cite as:13 Pa.C.S. § 9520
Currency:Current through P.A. Acts 2018-164

(a) Mandatory refusal to accept record.--A filing office shall refuse to accept a record for filing for a reason set forth in section 9516(b) (relating to refusal to accept record; filing does not occur) and may refuse to accept a record for filing only for a reason set forth in section 9516(b).

(b) Communication concerning refusal.--If a filing office refuses to accept a record for filing, it shall communicate to the person that presented the record the fact of and reason for the refusal and the date and time the record would have been filed had the filing office accepted it. The communication must be made at the time and in the manner prescribed by filing-office rule but, in the case of a filing office described in section 9501(a)(2) (relating to filing offices), in no event more than five business days after the filing office receives the record.

(c) When filed financing statement effective.--A filed financing statement satisfying section 9502(a) and (b) (relating to contents of financing statement; record of mortgage as financing statement; time of filing financing statement) is effective even if the filing office is required to refuse to accept it for filing under subsection (a). However, section 9338 (relating to priority of security interest or agricultural lien perfected by filed financing statement providing certain incorrect information) applies to a filed financing statement providing information described in section 9516(b)(5) which is incorrect at the time the financing statement is filed.

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