12 U.S.C. § 4303 - Account schedule

Cite as12 U.S.C. § 4303

(a) In general

Each depository institution shall maintain a schedule of fees, charges, interest rates, and terms and conditions applicable to each class of accounts offered by the depository institution, in accordance with the requirements of this section and regulations which the Bureau shall prescribe. The Bureau shall specify, in regulations, which fees, charges, penalties, terms, conditions, and account restrictions must be included in a schedule required under this subsection. A depository institution need not include in such schedule any information not specified in such regulation.

(b) Information on fees and charges

The schedule required under subsection (a) with respect to any account shall contain the following information:

(1) A description of all fees, periodic service charges, and penalties which may be charged or assessed against the account (or against the account holder in connection with such account), the amount of any such fees, charge, or penalty (or the method by which such amount will be calculated), and the conditions under which any such amount will be assessed.

(2) All minimum balance requirements that affect fees, charges, and penalties, including a clear description of how each such minimum balance is calculated.

(3) Any minimum amount required with respect to the initial deposit in order to open the account.

(c) Information on interest rates

The schedule required under subsection (a) with respect to any account shall include the following information:

(1) Any annual percentage yield.

(2) The period during which any such annual percentage yield will be in effect.

(3) Any annual rate of simple interest.

(4) The frequency with which interest will be compounded and credited.

(5) A clear description of the method used to determine the balance on which interest is paid.

(6) The information described in paragraphs (1) through (4) with respect to any period after the end of the period referred to in paragraph (2) (or the method for computing any information described in any such paragraph), if applicable.

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