35 P.S. § 5905 - Accreditation of training programs

Cite as:35 P.S. § 5905
Currency:Current through P.A. Acts 2018-133

(a) General rule.--The department shall grant accreditation to all lead occupation training programs approved by the EPA and to any other training programs which the department determines to have met the approval standards of the EPA.

(b) Departmental audits.--A person providing lead occupation training shall make available to the department, at no cost to the department and at such times as the department may deem necessary, all course materials and records and access to actual training sessions.

(c) Revocation or suspension of accreditation.--The department may revoke or suspend accreditation if a course audit conducted by the department or its designated representative indicates a training program is not conducting training or operating its training program in accordance with the requirements of this act and regulations promulgated under this act.

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