16 P.S. § 2365 - Acquisition of additional land; equipment, furnishings, etc

Cite as:16 P.S. § 2365
Currency:Current through P.A. Acts 2018-133

In any county in which there has been or may hereafter be erected a memorial hall in honor of the soldiers, sailors or marines from such county, who served in any war in which the United States has been or may be hereafter engaged, upon petition of at least fifty citizens to the court of quarter sessions, setting forth that it is necessary or desirable to acquire additional land adjoining that upon which said memorial hall is erected, to enhance and preserve the beauty and character of said memorial hall, and the object had in its erection, or that it is necessary or desirable to equip, furnish, decorate and make additions to said memorial hall, or both, the court shall lay said petition before the grand jury then or next si...

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