16 P.S. § 5512-A - Acquisition of lands

Cite as:16 P.S. § 5512-A
Currency:Current through P.A. Acts 2018-133

The Authority shall have the power to acquire by purchase or eminent domain proceedings either the fee or such right, title, interest or easement in such lands as the Authority may deem necessary for the purpose mentioned in this article: Provided, however, That no property owned or used by the United States, the Commonwealth, any political subdivision thereof, or any body politic and corporate organized as an "authority" under any law of the Commonwealth or by any agency or any of them, nor any property of a public service company, property used for burial purposes, places of public worship, shall be taken under the right of eminent domain. The right of eminent domain shall be exercised by the Authority in the manner provided by law for the exercise of such righ...

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