La. R.S. § 33:1329 - Acquisition of property

Cite as:La. R.S. § 33:1329
Currency:Current with changes through the 2018 Third Extraordinary Legislative Session

Any parish or municipality or commission appointed under this part may acquire by gift, grant, purchase, or condemnation proceedings or otherwise, all property, including rights-of-way, necessary to effectuate arrangements concluded under the terms of this Part. Where condemnation is necessary, the parish or municipality shall follow the procedures which, under existing law, govern its acquisition of property by condemnation.

In the alternative whenever a reasonable price cannot be agreed upon or whenever the owner is legally incapacitated, is absent, is unknown, or is unable to convey valid title, any parish or municipality, or any commission appointed under the terms of this part shall have and is hereby given full power and authority to acquire by expropriation or condemnation any land, rights, rights-of-way, serv...

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