La. R.S. § 22:691.5 - Acquisitions involving insurers not otherwise covered

Cite as:La. R.S. § 22:691.5
Currency:Current with changes from the 2019 Legislative Session

A. Definitions. The following definitions shall apply for the purposes of this Section only:

(1) "Acquisition" means any agreement, arrangement, or activity the consummation of which results in a person acquiring directly or indirectly the control of another person and includes but is not limited to the acquisition of voting securities, the acquisition of assets, bulk reinsurance, and mergers.

(2) An "involved insurer" includes an insurer which either acquires or is acquired, is affiliated with an acquirer or acquired, or is the result of a merger.

B. Scope.

(1) Except as exempted in Paragraph (2) of this Subsection, this Section applies to any acquisition in which there is a change in control of an insurer authorized to do business in this state.

(2) This Section shall not apply to any of the following events:

(a) A purchase of securities solely for investment purposes so long as the securities are not used by voting, or otherwise, to cause or attempt to cause the substantial lessening of competition in any insurance market in this state. If a purchase of securities results in a presumption of control pursuant to R.S. 22:691.2, it is not solely for investment purposes unless the commissioner of the insurer's state of domicile accepts a disclaimer of control or affirmatively finds that control does not exist and the disclaimer action or affirmative finding is communicated by the domiciliary commissioner to the commissioner of this state.

(b) The acquisition of a person by another person when both persons are neither directly nor through affiliates primarily engaged in the business of insurance, if pre-acquisition notification is filed with the commissioner in accordance with Subsection C of this Section thirty days prior to the proposed effective date of the acquisition. However, such pre-acquisition notification is not required for exclusion from this Section if the acquisition would otherwise be excluded from this Section by any other Subparagraph of Subsection B of this Section.

(c) The acquisition of already affiliated persons.


(i) An acquisition if, as an immediate result of the acquisition, any of the following circumstances would exist:

(aa) There is no market where the combined market share of the involved insurers would exceed five percent of the total market.

(bb) There would be no increase in any market share.

(cc) There is no market wherein the combined market share of the involved insurers would exceed twelve percent of the total market, and the market share would increase by more than two percent of the total market.

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