Act 285, HJR 366

Session2001 Regular Session
Page 0
By Representatives Greene, Allen, Barton, Gaston, Baker,3
Bandy, Beasley, Beason, Black (L), Black (M), Boothe, Boyd,4
Bridges, Buskey, Carns, Carothers, Carter, Clark, Clouse,5
Crigler, Curry, Dolbare, Dukes, Dunn, Ford (C), Ford (J),6
Gaines, Galliher, Gipson, Graham, Grantland, Greeson, Guin,7
Hall (A), Hall (L), Hamilton, Hammett, Haney, Hawkins, Hayden,8
Hill, Hilliard, Hogan, Holmes, Hooper, Houston, Hubbard,9
Humphryes, Hurst, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Kennedy, Knight,10
Laird, Layson, Letson, Lindsey, Major, Mancuso, Martin, Maull,11
McClammy, McClurkin, McDaniel, McKee, McLaughlin, McMillan,12
Melton, Millican, Mitchell, Morrison, Morrow, Morton, Newton13
(C), Newton (D), Oden, Page, Parker (T), Parker (W), Payne,14
Penry, Perdue, Pringle, Robinson (J), Robinson (O), Rogers15
(J), Rogers (M), Sanderford, Sanderson, Schmitz, Seibenhener,16
Spicer, Starkey, Thigpen, Thomas (D), Thomas (E), Thomas (J),17
Turner, Vance, Venable, Warren, White, Willis and Wren18
RFD: Rules 19
First Read: 05-APR-2001 20

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