23 U.S.C. § 105 - Additional deposits into Highway Trust Fund

Cite as23 U.S.C. § 105

(a) IN GENERAL.-If monies are deposited into the Highway Account or Mass Transit Account pursuant to a law enacted subsequent to the date of enactment of the FAST Act, the Secretary shall make available additional amounts of contract authority under subsections (b) and (c).

(b) AMOUNT OF ADJUSTMENT.-If monies are deposited into the Highway Account or the Mass Transit Account as described in subsection (a), on October 1 of the fiscal year following the deposit of such monies, the Secretary shall-

(1) make available for programs authorized from such account for such fiscal year a total amount equal to-

(A) the amount otherwise authorized to be appropriated for such programs for such fiscal year; plus

(B) an amount equal to such monies deposited into such account during the previous fiscal year as described in subsection (a); and

(2) distribute the additional amount under paragraph (1)(B) to each of such programs in accordance with subsection (c).


(1) IN GENERAL.-In making an adjustment for programs authorized to be appropriated from the Highway Account or the Mass Transit Account for a fiscal year under subsection (b), the Secretary shall-

(A) determine the ratio that-

(i) the amount authorized to be appropriated for a program from the account for the fiscal year; bears to

(ii) the total amount authorized to be appropriated for such fiscal year for all programs under such account;

(B) multiply the ratio determined under subparagraph (A) by the amount of the adjustment determined under subsection (b)(1)(B); and

(C) adjust the amount that the Secretary would otherwise have allocated for the program for such fiscal year by the amount calculated under subparagraph (B).

(2) FORMULA PROGRAMS.-For a program for which funds are distributed by formula, the Secretary shall add the adjustment to the amount authorized for the program but for this section and make available the adjusted program amount for such program in accordance with such formula.

(3) AVAILABILITY FOR OBLIGATION.-Adjusted amounts under this subsection shall be available for obligation and administered in the same manner as other amounts made available for the program for which the amount is adjusted.

(d) EXCLUSION OF EMERGENCY RELIEF PROGRAM AND COVERED ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES.-The Secretary shall exclude the emergency relief program under section 125 and covered administrative expenses from an adjustment of funding under subsection (c)(1).

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