49 U.S.C. § 1303 - Administrative provisions

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(1) IN GENERAL.-The Board shall be deemed to be an agency for purposes of section 552b of title 5.


(A) IN GENERAL.-Notwithstanding section 552b of title 5, a majority of the members may hold a meeting that is not open to public observation to discuss official agency business if-

(i) no formal or informal vote or other official agency action is taken at the meeting;

(ii) each individual present at the meeting is a member or an employee of the Board; and

(iii) the General Counsel of the Board is present at the meeting.

(B) DISCLOSURE OF NONPUBLIC COLLABORATIVE DISCUSSIONS.-Except as provided under subparagraph (C), not later than 2 business days after the conclusion of a meeting under subparagraph (A), the Board shall make available to the public, in a place easily accessible to the public-

(i) a list of the individuals present at the meeting; and

(ii) a summary of the matters discussed at the meeting, except for any matters the Board properly determines may be withheld from the public under section 552b(c) of title 5.

(C) SUMMARY.-If the Board properly determines matters may be withheld from the public under section 555b(c) of title 5, the Board shall provide a summary with as much general information as possible on those matters withheld from the public.

(D) ONGOING PROCEEDINGS.-If a discussion under subparagraph (A) directly relates to an ongoing proceeding before the Board, the Board shall make the disclosure under subparagraph (B) on the date of the final Board decision.

(E) PRESERVATION OF OPEN MEETINGS REQUIREMENTS FOR AGENCY ACTION.-Nothing in this paragraph may be construed to limit the applicability of section 552b of title 5 with respect to a meeting of the members other than that described in this paragraph.

(F) STATUTORY CONSTRUCTION.-Nothing in this paragraph may be construed-

(i) to limit the applicability of section 552b of title 5 with respect to any information which is proposed to be withheld from the public under subparagraph (B)(ii); or

(ii) to authorize the Board to withhold from any individual any record that is accessible to that individual under section 552a of title 5, United States Code.

(b) REPRESENTATION BY ATTORNEYS.-Attorneys designated by the Chairman of the Board may appear for, and represent the Board in, any civil action brought in connection with any function carried out by the Board pursuant to this chapter or subtitle IV or as otherwise authorized by law.

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