15 U.S.C. § 772 - Administrator's information-gathering power

Cite as15 U.S.C. § 772

(a) Comprehensive and particular energy information; categorical groupings; monitoring activity and policy guidance

The Administrator shall collect, assemble, evaluate, and analyze energy information by categorical groupings, established by the Administrator, of sufficient comprehensiveness and particularity to permit fully informed monitoring and policy guidance with respect to the exercise of his functions under this chapter.

(b) Information and data to Administrator from owners or operators of facilities or business premises engaged in energy matters

All persons owning or operating facilities or business premises who are engaged in any phase of energy supply or major energy consumption shall make available to the Administrator such information and periodic reports, records, documents, and other data, relating to the purposes of this chapter, including full identification of all data and projections as to source, time, and methodology of development, as the Administrator may prescribe by regulation or order as necessary or appropriate for the proper exercise of functions under this chapter.

(c) General or special orders for filing reports or answers in writing to specific questions, surveys, or questionnaires; oath or otherwise; filing period

The Administrator may require, by general or special orders, any person engaged in any phase of energy supply or major energy consumption to file with the Administrator in such form as he may prescribe, reports or answers in writing to such specific questions, surveys, or questionnaires as may be necessary to enable the Administrator to carry out his functions under this chapter. Such reports and answers shall be made under oath, or otherwise, as the Administrator may prescribe, and shall be filed with the Administrator within such reasonable period as he may prescribe.

(d) Investigations, physical inspections, inventories and samples, copies, and interrogations

The Administrator, to verify the accuracy of information he has received or otherwise to obtain information necessary to perform his functions under this chapter, is authorized to conduct investigations, and in connection therewith, to conduct, at reasonable times and in a reasonable manner, physical inspections at energy facilities and business premises, to inventory and sample any stock of fuels or energy sources therein, to inspect and copy records, reports, and documents from which energy information has been or is being compiled, and to question such persons as he may deem necessary.

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