N.J.S. § 27:25A-9 - 'Airport division' to be established

Cite as:N.J.S. § 27:25A-9
Currency:Current through L. 2018, c. 137.

a. Upon the acquisition or operation by the authority of a transportation project authorized in section 24 of this act or upon the authority entering into a contract or agreement concerning that project provided for in this subsection, there shall be established an operating division to be known as the "airport division" with the responsibility for the administration and execution of the authority's powers regarding the construction, maintenance, operation and support of the project. The airport division shall be headed by a director with knowledge and experience in aviation or aeronautics. However, the authority may enter into a contract or agreement providing for the construction, maintenance, operation or support of the project by an entity other than the airport division or the authority. This entity shall be under the supervision of the airport division, as determined by the authority and in accordance with the contract or agreement. In order to protect the missions of the Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center and the Air National Guard, the airport division or any entity acting for the division shall have no supervisory powers with respect to Federal Aviation Administration facilities or its lessees, unless otherwise agreed to by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Upon the establishment of the airport division, there shall be established an advisory committee to be appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. The committee shall consist of State and local government representatives, and concerned citizens, in the number and for terms as may be fixed by the authority, and shall advise the authority and the airport division concerning the project. Representatives of the Federal Aviation Administration or its successor shall be invited by the authority to participate in the committee, shall be notified of all meetings and may attend those meetings. At least a majority of the membership of the committee shall consist of residents of those municipalities, including the city of Atlantic City, directly affected by the operation of the airport or airports for which the airport division has responsibility or supervision.

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