Ca. Bus. and Prof. Code § 7590.2 - 'Alarm company operator' defined

Cite as:Ca. Bus. and Prof. Code § 7590.2
Currency:Current through 2018

(a) An "alarm company operator" means a person who, for any consideration whatsoever, engages in business or accepts employment to install, maintain, alter, sell on premises, monitor, or service alarm systems or who responds to alarm systems except for any alarm agent. "Alarm company operator," includes any entity that is retained by a licensed alarm company operator, a customer, or any other person or entity, to monitor one or more alarm systems, whether or not the entity performs any other duties within the definition of an alarm company operator. The provisions of this chapter, to the extent that they can be made applicable, shall be applicable to the duties and functions performed in monitoring alarm systems.

(b) A person licensed as an alarm company operator shall not conduct any investigation or investigations except those that are incidental to personal injury, or the theft, loss, embezzlement, misappropriation, or concealment of any property, or any other thing enumerated in this section, which he or she has been hired or engaged to protect.

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