Ala. Code § 34-21-62 (1975) - Amount of scholarships; criteria for selection of recipients; renewal of scholarships; failure to complete course or service as a nurse

Cite asAla. Code § 34-21-62 (1975)

Each scholarship provided for by this article shall not exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000) per year, payable from funds appropriated to the Alabama Board of Nursing for this purpose. Contingent upon subsequent legislative funding of this program, a scholarship may either be renewed by the Alabama Board of Nursing for the same student or awarded to another applicant for the scholarship. Criteria for the selection of recipients and awarding of the scholarships shall be established by the Alabama Board of Nursing. These criteria shall be used as guides in the selection of the scholarship recipients from the various geographical areas of the state. In case a scholarship student fails to complete the course prescribed for a graduate degree in nursing, that student shall repay the am...

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