Anders, 020580 MSAGO, 19800205

Docket Nº:19800205
Case Date:February 05, 1980
Court:South Carolina
Mr. J. Odell Anders
No. 19800205
Mississippi Attorney General Opinions
February 5, 1980
         Mr. J. Odell Anders          Chancery Clerk of Adams County          Post Office Box 1006          Natchez, Mississippi 39120          § 9-1-15 and § 25-3-53, Mississippi Code of 1972 (Judges' disability)           Dear Mr. Anders:          Attorney General Allain has received your opinion request dated February 1, 1980 and has assigned it to me for research and reply, your letter of request stating:
“Governor Cliff Finch appointed Robert L. Netterville as County Judge of Adams County, Mississippi, for the period beginning January 10, 1980, and until such time as Judge Bonds is able to resume his duties as County Judge. Judge Robert A. Bonds recently underwent heart surgery there in Jackson and will be out for some unknown period of time. “This office has talked with R. L. Netterville about his compensation, and Netterville has expressed that he would not want to be paid if his compensation would be deducted in any way from Judge Robert Bonds' regular salary; as if it would, he would want to serve complimentary to Judge Bonds. However, if it would not interfer with Judge Bonds' regular salary, then he will accept pay either from the County or State. In the past for judges sitting in case by case, or for a week, or very short temporary periods, we have paid on the basis according to Section 25-3-53 of the Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated. However, in that this appointment is for a period of time and the said R. L. Netterville is to serve during the

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