Ala. Code § 27-34-37 (1975) - Annual statements - Valuation of certificates; reserves

Cite asAla. Code § 27-34-37 (1975)

(a) As a part of the annual statement required under Section 27-34-36, each society shall, on or before March 1, file with the commissioner a valuation of its certificates in force on December 31 last preceding; provided, however, that the commissioner may, in his discretion for cause shown, extend the time for filing such valuation for not more than two calendar months. Such report of valuation shall show, as reserve liabilities, the difference between the present midyear value of the promised benefits provided in the certificates of such society in force and the present midyear value of the future net premiums as the same are in practice actually collected, not including therein any value for the right to make extra assessments and not including any amount by which the present midyear value of future net premiums exceeds the present midyear value of promised benefits on individual certificates. At the option of any society, in lieu of the above, the valuation may show the net tabular value. Such net tabular value as to certificates issued prior to one year after January 1, 1972, shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of law applicable prior to January 1, 1972, and, as to certificates issued on or after January 1, 1973, shall not be less than the reserves determined according to the commissioners' reserve valuation method as defined in this section. If the premium charged is less than the tabular net premium according to the basis of valuation used, an additional reserve equal to the present value of the deficiency in such premiums shall be set up and maintained as a liability. The reserve liabilities shall be properly adjusted in the event that the midyear or tabular values are not appropriate.

(b) Reserves, according to the commissioners' reserve valuation method, for the life insurance and endowment benefits of certificates providing for a uniform amount of insurance and requiring the payment of uniform premiums shall be the excess, if any, of the present value, at the date of valuation, of such future guaranteed benefits provided for by such certificates over the then present value of any future modified net premiums therefor. The modified net premiums for any such certificate shall be such uniform percentage of the respective contract premiums for such benefits that the present value, at the date of issue of the certificate, of all such modified net premiums shall be equal to the sum of the then present value of such benefits provided for by the certificate and the excess of subdivision (1) over subdivision (2) of this subsection, as follows:

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