Tex. Ins. Code § 911.067 - Application For Extension Of Charter For Certain Companies; Term

Cite as:Tex. Ins. Code § 911.067
Currency:Current with legislation from the 2019 Regular Session effective as of December 31, 2020

(a) Before a farm mutual insurance company's charter expires, the company may apply to the department for an extension of the company's charter if:

(1) the company was chartered, holding a certificate of authority, and operating before May 21, 1973, under Chapter 16, Insurance Code, as it existed on that date; or

(2) the company was organized and engaging in business before April 6, 1937, and the company continues to engage in business.

(b) A farm mutual insurance company described by Subsection (a) and whose charter has expired may apply to the department to have the charter extended perpetually if the company is engaged in business in this state.

(c) The term of the charter begins on the date that the charter is extended or, if the original charter expired before the charter is extended, the date the original charter expired.

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