Ala. Code § 31-2A-47 (1975) - (Article 47.) Refusal to appear or testify

Cite asAla. Code § 31-2A-47 (1975)
CurrencyCurrent through Act 185 of the 2021 Regular Session

(a) Any person not subject to this code who does all of the following may be punished by the military court in the same manner as a criminal court of the state:

(1) Has been duly subpoenaed to appear as a witness or to produce books and records before a court-martial or court of inquiry, or before any military or civil officer designated to take a deposition to be read in evidence before such a court.

(2) Has been duly paid or tendered the fees and mileage of a witness at the rates allowed to witnesses attending a criminal court of the state.

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