KRS 304.6-010 - 'Assets' defined

Cite as:KRS 304.6-010
Currency:Current through 2020 Ky. Acts ch. 128

(1) In any determination of the financial condition of an insurer, there shall be allowed as assets only such assets as are owned by the insurer and which consist of:

(a) Cash in the possession of the insurer, or in transit under its control, and including the true balance of any deposit in a solvent bank or trust company;

(b) Investments, securities, properties and loans acquired or held in accordance with this code and in connection therewith the following items:

1. Interest due or accrued on any bond or evidence of indebtedness which is not in default and which is not valued on a basis including accrued interest;

2. Declared and unpaid dividends on stocks and shares, unless such amount has otherwise been allowed as an asset;

3. Interest due or accrued upon a collateral loan in an amount not to exceed one (1) year's interest thereon;

4. Interest due or accrued on deposits in solvent banks and trust companies, and interest due or accrued on other assets, if such interest is in the judgment of the commissioner a collectible asset;

5. Interest due or accrued on a mortgage loan, in an amount not exceeding in any event the amount, if any, of the excess of the value of the property less delinquent taxes thereon over the unpaid principal. Collectible interest one hundred eighty (180) days past due on a mortgage loan in default is a nonadmitted asset; and

6. Rent due or accrued on real property if such rent is not in arrears for more than three (3) months, and rent more than three (3) months in arrears if the payment of such rent be adequately secured by property held in the name of the tenant and conveyed to the insurer as collateral;

(c) Premium notes, policy loans, and other policy assets and liens on policies of life insurance and annuity contracts and accrued interest thereon, in an amount not exceeding the policy reserves or cash surrender value;

(d) The net amount of uncollected and deferred premiums and annuity considerations in the case of a life insurer, corresponding to the basis on which reserves are held;

(e) Premiums in the course of collection, other than for life insurance, not more than three (3) months past due, less commissions payable thereon. To the extent that there is no related unearned premium, any uncollected premium balances which are over ninety (90) days due shall be nonadmitted. The uncollected agent's receivable on a policy basis which is over ninety (90) days due shall be nonadmitted regardless of any unearned premium;

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