38 U.S.C. § 3714 - Assumptions; release from liability

Cite as:38 U.S.C. § 3714
Currency:Current through P.L. 116-158 (08/14/2020)


(1) Except as provided in subsection (f) of this section, if a veteran or any other person disposes of residential property securing a loan guaranteed, insured, or made under this chapter and the veteran or other person notifies the holder of the loan in writing before the property is disposed of, the veteran or other person, as the case may be, shall be relieved of all further liability to the Secretary with respect to the loan (including liability for any loss resulting from any default of the purchaser or any subsequent owner of the property) and the application for assumption shall be approved if the holder determines that-

(A) the loan is current; and

(B) the purchaser of the property from such veteran or other person-

(i) is obligated by contract to purchase such property and to assume full liability for the repayment of the balance of the loan remaining unpaid and has assumed by contract all of the obligations of the veteran under the terms of the instruments creating and securing the loan; and

(ii) qualifies from a credit standpoint, to the same extent as if the purchaser were a veteran eligible under section 3710 of this title, for a guaranteed or insured or direct loan in an amount equal to the unpaid balance of the obligation for which the purchaser is to assume liability.

(2) For the purposes of paragraph (1), paragraph (3), and paragraph (4)(C)(ii) of this subsection, the Secretary shall be considered to be the holder of the loan if the actual holder is not an approved lender described in section 3702.

(3) If the holder of the loan determines that the loan is not current or that the purchaser of the property does not meet the requirements of paragraph (1)(B) of this subsection, the holder shall-

(A) notify the transferor and the Secretary of such determination; and

(B) notify the transferor that the transferor may appeal the determination to the Secretary.


(A) Upon the appeal of the transferor after a determination described in paragraph (3) is made, the Secretary shall, in a timely manner, review and make a determination (or a redetermination in any case in which the Secretary made the determination described in such paragraph) with respect to whether the loan is current and whether the purchaser of the property meets the requirements of paragraph (1)(B) of this subsection. The Secretary shall transmit, in writing, a notice of the nature of such determination to the transferor and the holder and shall inform them of the action that shall or may be taken under subparagraph (B) of this paragraph as a result of the determination of the Secretary.

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