Ala. Code § 4-2A-9 (1975) - Authority authorized to issue and sell bonds; principal, interest payable from specified sources; bonds to be obligations of authority; form, terms, etc.; redemption; sale

Cite asAla. Code § 4-2A-9 (1975)

The authority shall have the power and is hereby authorized at any time and from time to time to issue and sell its bonds for any of its corporate functions, uses or purposes, which bonds may be in the form of interest-bearing bonds or noninterest-bearing bonds. The principal of and the interest and premium (if any) on any such bonds may be payable from one or more specified sources, including:

(1) The revenues derived by the authority from the operation of any or all of its airports, heliports, airport facilities, other facilities and property and

(2) Any or all moneys, funds, revenues, appropriations, taxes, proceeds or properties authorized to be appropriated, donated, granted, transferred, conveyed, sold, loaned, assigned or given to the authority by Section 4-2A-8 or any other law (unless such use thereof is otherwise specifically prohibited by law), and such bonds may be secured by a pledge of any or all thereof.

Bonds issued or contracts entered into by the authority shall be obligations of the authority and shall only constitute or create an obligation or debt of the state or any county or municipality if, and to the extent, so provided in such amendment or amendments to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as may be adopted and ratified after May 1, 199...

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