12 U.S.C. § 4514 - Authority to require reports by regulated entities

Cite as:12 U.S.C. § 4514
Currency:Current through P.L. 116-252 (12/22/2020)

(a) Regular and special reports

(1) Regular reports

The Director may require, by general or specific orders, a regulated entity to submit regular reports, including financial statements determined on a fair value basis, on the condition (including financial condition), management, activities, or operations of the regulated entity, as the Director considers appropriate (in addition to the annual and quarterly reports required under section 1723a(k) of this title and section 1456(c) of this title).

(2) Special reports

The Director may also require, by general or specific orders, a regulated entity to submit special reports on any of the topics specified in paragraph (1) or any other relevant topics, if, in the judgment of the Director, such reports are necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

(3) Limitation

The Director may not require the inclusion, in any report pursuant to paragraph (1) or (2), of any information that is not reasonably obtainable by the regulated entity.

(4) Notice and declaration

The Director shall notify the regulated entity, a reasonable period in advance of the date for submission of any report under this subsection, of any specific information to be contained in the report and the date for the submission of the report. Each report under this subsection shall contain a declaration by the president, vice president, treasurer, or any other officer designated by the board of directors of the regulated entity to make such declaration, that the report is true and correct to the best of such officer's knowledge and belief.

(b) Capital distributions

The Director may require a regulated entity to submit a report to the Director after the declaration of any capital distribution by the regulated entity and before making the capital distribution. The report shall be made in such form and under such circumstances and shall contain such information as the Director shall require.

(c) Penalties for failure to make reports

(1) Violations

It shall be a violation of this section for any regulated entity-

(A) to fail to make, transmit, or publish any report or obtain any information required by the Director under this section, section 1723a(k) of this title, section 1456(c) of this title, or section 1440 of this title, within the period of time specified in such provision of law or otherwise by the Director; or

(B) to submit or publish any false or misleading report or information under this section.

(2) Penalties

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