54 U.S.C. § 101913 - Award of concession contracts

Cite as54 U.S.C. § 101913

In furtherance of the findings and policy stated in section 101912 of this title, and except as provided by this subchapter or otherwise authorized by law, the Secretary shall utilize concession contracts to authorize a person, corporation, or other entity to provide accommodations, facilities, and services to visitors to System units. Concession contracts shall be awarded as follows:

(1) COMPETITIVE SELECTION PROCESS.-Except as otherwise provided in this section, all proposed concession contracts shall be awarded by the Secretary to the person, corporation, or other entity submitting the best proposal, as determined by the Secretary through a competitive selection process. The competitive process shall include simplified procedures for small, individually-owned entities seeking award of a concession contract.

(2) SOLICITATION OF PROPOSALS.-Except as otherwise provided in this section, prior to awarding a new concession contract (including renewals or extensions of existing concession contracts) the Secretary-

(A) shall publicly solicit proposals for the concession contract; and

(B) in connection with the solicitation, shall-

(i) prepare a prospectus and publish notice of its availability at least once in local or national newspapers or trade publications, by electronic means, or both, as appropriate; and

(ii) make the prospectus available on request to all interested persons.

(3) INFORMATION TO BE INCLUDED IN PROSPECTUS.-The prospectus shall include the following information:

(A) The minimum requirements for the contract as set forth in paragraph (4).

(B) The terms and conditions of any existing concession contract relating to the services and facilities to be provided, including all fees and other forms of compensation provided to the United States by the concessioner.

(C) Other authorized facilities or services that may be provided in a proposal.

(D) Facilities and services to be provided by the Secretary to the concessioner, including public access, utilities, and buildings.

(E) An estimate of the amount of compensation due an existing concessioner from a new concessioner under the terms of a prior concession contract.

(F) A statement as to the weight to be given to each selection factor identified in the prospectus and the relative importance of those factors in the selection process.

(G) Other information related to the proposed concession operation that is provided to the Secretary pursuant to a concession contract or is otherwise available to the Secretary, as the Secretary determines is necessary to allow for the submission of competitive proposals.

(H) Where applicable, a description of a preferential right to the renewal of the proposed concession contract held by an existing concessioner as set forth in paragraph (7).

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