Bedford, 021480 MSAGO, 19800214

Docket Nº:19800214
Case Date:February 14, 1980
Court:South Carolina
Honorable Willie Bedford
No. 19800214
Mississippi Attorney General Opinions
February 14, 1980
         Honorable Willie Bedford          Justice Court Judge          Route 1, Box 140          Meadville, Mississippi 39653          Affidavit Against a Deputy Sheriff           Dear Judge:          Attorney General Bill Allain has received your letter of February 11, 1980, and has assigned it to the undersigned for research and reply. In your letter you state:
“I am writing you concerning a case I had last week. I would like you to give me your opinion on this matter. Last week the deputy sheriff of Franklin County, Mark Thornton, held a woman while the daughter of Sheriff James Posey beat her in the face. The Justice Court Judge in whose district this happened was unable to be reached. I wrote an affidavit against Deputy Mark Thornton and Miss Melisia Posey. I made the affidavit returnable to Judge Marie Griffin, in whose district this incident happened. Sheriff Posey said it was against the law to write an

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