§ Amend. 84. Bingo and Raffles

Currency:Current through the 91st General Assembly, First Extraordinary Session

1. Bingo and Raffles:

As used in this section

(1) "Authorized bingo and raffles organization" means a nonprofit tax-exempt religious, educational, veterans, fraternal, service, civic, medical, volunteer rescue service, volunteer firefights organization, or volunteer police organization that has been in continuing existence as a nonprofit tax-exempt organization in this state for a period of not less than five (5) years immediately prior to conducting the game of bingo or raffles;


(A) "Game of bingo" means a single game of the activity commonly known as "bingo" in which the participants pay a sum of money for the use of one (1) or more bingo cards.

(B) "Game of bingo" shall include only games in which the winner receives a preannounced, fixed-dollar prize and in which the winner is determined by the matching of letters and numbers on a bingo card imprinted with at least twenty-four (24) numbers, with letters and numbers appearing on objects randomly drawn and announced by a caller, in contemporaneous competition among all players in the game; and

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