Ala. Code § 45-2A-61.03 (1975) - Bond issue authorized

Cite asAla. Code § 45-2A-61.03 (1975)

(a) In payment for the purchase, lease, construction, acquisition, extension, or maintenance of such television cable system, the utilities board may issue its bonds in the manner provided by law.

(b) Such utilities board, in order to secure the prompt and faithful payment of the principal and interest of all debts, bonds, or other evidences of indebtedness incurred or issued by it for the construction, acquisition, lease, extension, or maintenance of a television cable system may execute a mortgage or deed of trust upon any or all of such system and all property used in connection therewith, including the franchise or any part thereof.

(c) Such mortgage or deed of trust may contain such terms, conditions, covenants, and warranties for the protection of the utilities board and holders of such bonds or securities issued by such utilities board as may be determined and agreed upon by the governing body of the utilities board and persons, firms, or corporations owning such debts, bonds, or securities.

(d) Such mortgages may provide that in the event of the foreclosure of such mortgage or deed of trust, that the purchaser at such foreclosure sale may acquire the right, privilege, or franchise of operating such system as may be so sold or conveyed, and such purchaser or his or her vendee may have the right, authority, and privilege to carry on and operate such system in the same manner, on the same terms and to the same extent as the utilities board is authorized to operate until the utilities board is authorized to operate until the utilities board may redeem such system from such mortgage sale.

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