16 U.S.C. § 838i - Bonneville Power Administration fund

Cite as16 U.S.C. § 838i

(a) Establishment; composition; availability of transferred funds for expenditures

There is hereby established in the Treasury of the United States a Bonneville Power Administration fund (hereinafter referred to as the "fund"). The fund shall consist of (1) all receipts, collections, and recoveries of the Administrator in cash from all sources, including trust funds, (2) all proceeds derived from the sale of bonds by the Administrator, (3) any appropriations made by the Congress for the fund, and (4) the following funds which are hereby transferred to the Administrator:

(i) all moneys in the special account in the Treasury established pursuant to Executive Order Numbered 8526 dated August 26, 1940,

(ii) the unexpended balances in the continuing fund established by the provisions of section 832j of this title, and

(iii) the unexpended balances of funds appropriated or otherwise made available for the Bonneville Power Administration. All funds transferred hereunder shall be available for expenditure by the Secretary of Energy, acting by and through the Administrator, as authorized in this chapter and any other Act relating to the Federal Columbia River transmission system, subject to such limitations as may be prescribed by any applicable appropriation act effective during such period as may elapse between their transfer and the approval by the Congress of the first subsequent annual budget program of the Administrator.

(b) Authorized purposes of expenditures

The Administrator may make expenditures from the fund, which shall have been included in his annual budget submitted to Congress, without further appropriation and without fiscal year limitation, but within such specific directives or limitations as may be included in appropriation acts, for any purpose necessary or appropriate to carry out the duties imposed upon the Administrator pursuant to law, including but not limited to-

(1) construction, acquisition, and replacement of (i) the transmission system, including facilities and structures appurtenant thereto, and (ii) additions, improvements, and betterments thereto (hereinafter in this chapter referred to as "transmission system");

(2) operation, maintenance, repair, and relocation, to the extent such relocation is not provided for under subsection (1) above, of the transmission system;

(3) electrical research, development, experimentation, test, and investigation related to construction, operation, and maintenance of transmission systems and facilities;

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