Ala. Code § 10A-30-2.02 (1975) - 'Close corporation' defined; contents of certificate of formation; number of shareholders; applicable to corporations formed as close corporations or electing close corporation status prior to January 1, 1995

Cite as:Ala. Code § 10A-30-2.02 (1975)
Currency:Current through the 2019 Regular and Special Sessions

(a) A close corporation is a corporation organized under former Chapter 2A of former Title 10 whose certificate of formation contains the provisions required by former Section 10-2A-91 or a successor statute, including Section 10A-2-2.02 and, in addition, provide that:

(1) The corporation is a close corporation authorized by this article;

(2) All of the issued shares of all classes shall be subject to one or more of the restrictions on transfer permitted by former Section 10-2A-41 or a successor statute, including Section 10A-2-6.27; and

(3) For purposes of determining the number of holders of record of the stock of a close corporation, stock which is held in joint or common tenancy or by the entireties shall be treated as held by one shareholder.

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