Ala. Code § 2-13-123 (1975) - Collection of assessment; enforcement

Cite asAla. Code § 2-13-123 (1975)
CurrencyCurrent through Act 118 of the 2021 Regular Session

(a) In the event a majo...

(b) In the event of a failure to pay part or all of an assessment levied pursuant to this article, the Attorney General of the state shall, upon the request of the state ADA, enforce the provisions of this article and collect such moneys for payment to the state ADA. In the alternative to requesting the Attorney General to enforce the provisions of this article, the state ADA may bring a civil action to collect assessment from a handler failing to pay such assessments. A handler found to have failed to pay assessments pursuant to this article shall also be liable for reasonable attorney's fees and costs in the collection of such assessments.

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