19 U.S.C. § 1677m - Conduct of investigations and administrative reviews

Cite as19 U.S.C. § 1677m

(a) Treatment of voluntary responses in countervailing or antidumping duty investigations and reviews

(1) In general

In any investigation under part I or II of this subtitle or a review under section 1675(a) of this title in which the administering authority has, under section 1677f-1(c)(2) of this title or section 1677f-1(e)(2)(A) of this title (whichever is applicable), limited the number of exporters or producers examined, or determined a single country-wide rate, the administering authority shall establish an individual countervailable subsidy rate or an individual weighted average dumping margin for any exporter or producer not initially selected for individual examination under such sections who submits to the administering authority the information requested from exporters or producers selected for examination, if-

(A) such information is so submitted by the date specified-

(i) for exporters and producers that were initially selected for examination, or

(ii) for the foreign government, in a countervailing duty case where the administering authority has determined a single country-wide rate; and

(B) the number of exporters or producers subject to the investigation or review is not so large that any additional individual examination of such exporters or producers would be unduly burdensome to the administering authority and inhibit the timely completion of the investigation or review.

(2) Determination of unduly burdensome

In determining if an individual examination under paragraph (1)(B) would be unduly burdensome, the administering authority may consider the following:

(A) The complexity of the issues or information presented in the proceeding, including questionnaires and any responses thereto.

(B) Any prior experience of the administering authority in the same or similar proceeding.

(C) The total number of investigations under part I or II and reviews under section 1675 of this title being conducted by the administering authority as of the date of the determination.

(D) Such other factors relating to the timely completion of each such investigation and review as the administering authority considers appropriate.

(b) Certification of submissions

Any person providing factual information to the administering authority or the Commission in connection with a proceeding under this subtitle on behalf of the petitioner or any other interested party shall certify that such information is accurate and complete to the best of that person's knowledge.

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