A.R.S. § 6-20-415 - Consultants

Cite as:A.R.S. § 6-20-415
Currency:Current through the 91st General Assembly - Second Extraordinary Session 2018

(a) The Division of Elementary and Secondary Education in consultation with the Attorney General shall hire consultants on the following basis:

(1) The consultants shall be qualified as experts in public school district desegregation;

(2) The purposes for employing the consultants are to determine whether and in what respects any of the three (3) Pulaski County school districts:


(i) Are unitary.

(ii) If a school district has been declared unitary or has been declared unitary in some respects, the consultants shall not examine the school district on those issues; and

(B) Have complied with their respective consent decrees; and

(3) The consultants shall understand and acknowledge in their work and research that their testimony in court may be required.

(b) The division shall not pay the consultant fees or expenses from moneys appropriated and available for the reimbursement of attorney's fees to the three (3) Pulaski County school districts under § 6-20-416.


(1) The division and the Attorney General also may hire consultants with expertise in the fields of auditing and forensic accounting to provide oversight and management of the three (3) Pulaski County school districts' finances with an emphasis on desegregation funding.

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