12 U.S.C. § 2122 - Corporate existence; general corporate powers

Cite as:12 U.S.C. § 2122
Currency:Current through P.L. 116-158 (08/14/2020)

Each bank for cooperatives shall be a body corporate and, subject to regulation by the Farm Credit Administration, shall have power to-

(1) Adopt and use a corporate seal.

(2) Have succession until dissolved under the provisions of this chapter or other Act of Congress.

(3) Make contracts.

(4) Sue and be sued.

(5) Acquire, hold, dispose, and otherwise exercise all of the usual incidents of ownership of real and personal property necessary or convenient to its business.

(6) Make loans and commitments for credit, provide services and other assistance as authorized in this chapter, and charge fees therefor.

(7) Operate under the direction of its board of directors.

(8) Elect by its board of directors a president, any vice presidents, a secretary, a treasurer, and provide for such other officers, employees, and agents as may be necessary, including joint employees as provided in this chapter, define their duties and require surety bonds or make other provisions against losses occasioned by employees.

(9) Prescribe by its board of directors its bylaws not inconsistent with law providing for the classes of its stock and the manner in which its stock shall be issued, transferred, and retired; its officers, employees, or agents elected or provided for; its property acquired, held, and transferred; its loans made; its general business conducted; and the privileges granted it by law exercised and enjoyed.

(10) Borrow money and issue notes, bonds, debentures, or other obligations individually or in concert with one or more other banks of the System, of such character, and such terms, conditions, and rates of interest as may be determined.


(A) Participate in loans under this subchapter with one or more other banks for cooperatives and with commercial banks and other financial institutions upon such terms as may be agreed among them, and participate with one or more other Farm Credit System institutions in loans made under this subchapter or other subchapters of this chapter on the basis prescribed in section 2206 of this title.


(i) Participate in any loan of a type otherwise authorized under this subchapter that is made to a similar entity by any institution in the business of extending credit, including purchases of participations in loans to finance international trade transactions involving the sale of agricultural commodities or the products thereof, except that-

(I) a bank for cooperatives may not participate in a loan-

(aa) if the participation would cause the total amount of all loan participations by the bank under this subparagraph involving a single credit risk to exceed 10 percent of the bank's total capital; or

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