53 P.S. § 7282 - Counties of first class; recovery of judgment; sale free from claims

Cite as:53 P.S. § 7282
Currency:Current through P.A. Acts 2020-13

In addition to the remedy prescribed in sections twenty-eight and thirty-one of this act, whenever a claimant in any county of the first class has obtained a judgment upon its tax or municipal claim, it may file its petition in the court in which the proceeding is pending, setting forth the facts necessary to show the right to sell, together with searches or a title insurance policy, showing the state of the record and the ownership of the property, and of all tax and municipal claims, mortgages, groundrents, or other charges on, or estates in, the land, as shown by the official records of the county, or the political subdivision in which the real estate is situate, and thereupon the court shall grant a rule upon all parties thus shown to be interested, to appear and show cause why a decree should not be made that said property be sold, freed and cleared of their respective claims, mortgages, groundrents, charges and estates, and without any right of redemption after such sale. If, upon a hearing, thereafter the court is satisfied that service has been made of said rule upon all interested parties in accordance with section 39.2 and that the facts stated in the petition be true, it shall order and decree that said property be sold at a subsequent sheriff's sale at a time to be fixed thereafter by the claimant, at least one year after the date of the decree, clear of all claims, liens, mortgages, groundrents, charges and estates to the highest bidder at such sale, and the proceeds realized therefrom shall be distributed in accordance with the priority of such claims, liens, mortgages, groundrents, charges and estates, and the purchaser at such sale shall take and forever thereafter have an absolute title to the property sold, free and discharged of all tax and municipal claims, liens, mortgages, groundrents, charges and estates of whatsoever kind, and not thereafter subject to any right of redemption. Advertisement of such sale shall be made and the deed to the purchaser shall be executed, acknowledged and delivered as in other real estate sales by the sheriff: Provided, however, That any person interested may at any time prior to the proposed sale pay all the costs of the proceedings, including a reasonable fee for the necessary title search or title insurance policy to be fixed by the court, and all tax and municipal claims, penalties and interest thereon, charged against the property; whereupon the proceedings on petition shall at once determine, notice of this proviso shall be inclu...

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