26 U.S.C. § 5601 - Criminal penalties

Cite as26 U.S.C. § 5601

(a) Offenses

Any person who-

(1) Unregistered stills

has in his possession or custody, or under his control, any still or distilling apparatus set up which is not registered, as required by section 5179(a); or

(2) Failure to file application

engages in the business of a distiller or processor without having filed application for and received notice of registration, as required by section 5171(c); or

(3) False or fraudulent application

engages, or intends to engage, in the business of distiller, warehouseman, or processor of distilled spirits, and files a false or fraudulent application under section 5171; or

(4) Failure or refusal of distiller, warehouseman, or processor to give bond

carries on the business of a distiller, warehouseman, or processor without having given bond as required by law; or

(5) False, forged, or fraudulent bond

engages, or intends to engage, in the business of distiller, warehouseman, or processor of distilled spirits, and gives any false, forged, or fraudulent bond, under subchapter B; or

(6) Distilling on prohibited premises

uses, or possesses with intent to use, any still, boiler, or other utensil for the purpose of producing distilled spirits, or aids or assists therein, or causes or procures the same to be done, in any dwelling house, or in any shed, yard, or inclosure connected with such dwelling house (except as authorized under section 5178(a)(1)(C)), or on board any vessel or boat, or on any premises where beer or wine is made or produced, or where liquors of any description are retailed, or on premises where any other business is carried on (except when authorized under section 5178(b)); or

(7) Unlawful production, removal, or use of material fit for production of distilled spirits

except as otherwise provided in this chapter, makes or ferments mash, wort, or wash, fit for distillation or for the production of distilled spirits, in any building or on any premises other than the designated premises of a distilled spirits plant lawfully qualified to produce distilled spirits, or removes, without authorization by the Secretary, any mash, wort, or wash, so made or fermented, from the designated premises of such lawfully qualified plant before being distilled; or

(8) Unlawful production of distilled spirits

not being a distiller authorized by law to produce distilled spirits, produces distilled spirits by distillation or any other process from any mash, wort, wash, or other material; or

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