Dabbs, 013080 MSAGO, 19800130

Docket Nº:19800130
Case Date:January 30, 1980
Court:South Carolina
Honorable Gilford F. Dabbs, III
No. 19800130
Mississippi Attorney General Opinions
January 30, 1980
         Honorable Gilford F. Dabbs, III          Attorney for the Board of Supervisors          Clarke County          Post Office Box 199          Quitman, Mississippi 39355          Dear Mr. Dabbs:          Attorney General Allain has received your letter of request dated January 29, 1980, and has assigned it to me for research and reply.          You submit the following, to-wit:
“We shall appreciate an opinion from your office regarding the following: “(a) If a designated State highway or Federal highway is already located in the County and a resident of the County elects to build adjacent to said right-of-way, is the State Highway Department required to supply the necessary pipe and culverts for ingress and egress for the property owner from his private property to the right-of-way of the State or Federal road? “(b) If the answer to the question next above is negative, then may the County supply the necessary pipe and culverts and prepare a means of ingress and egress from the private property of the individual to the right-of-way for ingress and egress?”
         In response to your question (a), we enclose and...

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