§ 2. Definitions

Currency:Current through November 2016 General Election

The following words, terms, and phrases, as used in this act [sic] shall have the following meaning unless the text otherwise requires:

1. "Domestic service" means service within the continental limits of the United States, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Canal Zone and Puerto Rico.

2. "Foreign Service" means service in all other places, including sea duty.

3. "Husband" means the unremarried husband, and "wife" means the unremarried wife.

4. "Child or Children" means child or children of issue, child or children by adoption or child or children to whom the deceased person has stood in loco parentis for one year or more immediately preceding his death.

5. "Parent or Parents" means natural parent or parents; parent or parents by adoption; or, person or persons, including stepparent or stepparents, who have stood in loco parentis to the deceased person for a period of one year or more immediately prior to entrance into the armed service of the United States.

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